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Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Benjamin

This little one . . .
Born Valentines Day, February 14, 2014
sure brings lots of joy to this grandma and grandpa.

Truly so blessed to have a new little one in the family.
We're pretty sure he knows how much this Grandma and Grandpa love
him, even though he's far away and doesn't get lots of loves and hugs and kisses 
from us right now.

Thank you for sharing so many absolutely darling
photos with us.  We're so grateful for fabulous modern technology so we can see him
and visit with him, and hear big brother Jonny cakes tell us all about him.

Congratulations on this wonderful addition to the family.

We all think he's pretty special :)

For now . . .

We'll be content with precious glimpses from afar.

When we arrived in the mission field, we had two beautiful grand babies.  Now we have 
four :)  We think that's pretty cool . . .  Double the blessings!


Missionary Grandma and Grandpa

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Family Story - Part 3

It just goes on and on . . . but I think that's kind of the point don't you??

Part Three

It's almost getting a little too springlike to be sharing photos from the holidays  . . .

But since I'm always a month or two at least behind in many things, that's still what I'm going to do.  I have many photos to share of our family that were taken during the time I was in Utah the end of December the beginning of January . . .

So maybe it will be a cold blustery day where you are and these photos will fit right in.

For us, here in Honduras . . . it's already 90 degrees everyday, with the promise of much warmer temperatures to come in the next couple weeks.

It it will be cooling and refreshing for us!

Just a brief review in case you missed part one and part two of the story . . .

In part one we shared all the fun adventures we had in Honduras when some members of our family arrived for Kelsie and Mike's wedding in the Tegucigalpa Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It includes photos of our travels in our mission as they mixed and mingled with the missionaries until we arrived in Tegucigalpa for the wedding.

In part two you'll find photos from the wedding in Tegucigalpa, links to information about what a Mormon Temple wedding really is and it's significance.  Part two also contains a few more Honduras style travel family adventures up to the point where we all returned to the States for the wedding reception in Utah.

I felt to blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Utah and participate in many family events during my stay there.  Since it was the holiday season, there were many family events scheduled.  But the best part was just being reunited with all our children who traveled to Utah for the festivities, seeing our darling grand babies, seeing our wonderful Grandma Klein (who passed away just weeks after I had the blessing to see her and spend time with her), and just spend time with all our close family members who truly our greatest treasures.

The Utah Adventure - 

A big thank you to Kim for opening her home to us.  It was wonderful that many of us could stay together in the same place.

It wasn't long before the family started to arrive from all over the United States.
Columbus Ohio
Raleigh North Carolina
Denver Colorado
Phoenix Arizona
New Jersey
I think we made about 5 trips to the airport.

Of course . . . there was always lots of good food involved
in EVERY activity.

These little cousins had such a great experience
getting to know another another.

You can tell these two are related . . . they both love
their iPad activities.

And of course . . .
There's nothing more wonderful than Christmas with babies
and little ones.  It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

Thank goodness we had lots of good helpers to finish up
the quilt for Kelsie and Mike.  I started it in Honduras, and stayed up all night
the first night to finish sewing all the pieces together.
The wedding quilt is a big tradition . . . and that was the last one :)
It turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!

Soon it was time for the annual Driggs family roller skating event.

You have to skate at least once a year
to belong to this family!
Even the little ones have to learn how to do the
"Hokey Pokey" on roller skates!

After roller skating we all traveled to Farmington Utah for the
Klein family Christmas party.  We were so sad to miss our Grandma Klein here,
she was in the hospital and unable to attend.  We missed her so much, it 
just wasn't the same without her!

Lots of photos of Klein family cousins!
There is no shortage of cousins here in the Klein family.  A wonderful 
opportunity to visit with so many family members that we don't get to see
often enough.

Next up . . .
the Morawetz family Christmas party . . .

For these little ones . . . they are just going to think
life is a party!

And of course . . .
We can't forget New Years Eve!
We had so much fun playing games at the home of 
Parker's parents.  Thanks so much for the invitation!

The highlight of the evening was by far the new party game.
Where believe it or not, you have a riot with a large group of people
passing around an imaginary ball  :)

And drumroll please . . . 
It's the main event!
(photo credits - Chelsie Clarke Photography - thanks a bunch Chels!!)
Kelsie's wedding reception was at
Wadley Farms in Lindon Utah.
She sure missed having her Dad be at her side for this big event.  But Kelsie
and Mike felt so blessed to be able to have him present where it really counts . . .
And that was the Temple in Honduras.
We don't very often get a photo of these four brothers and
sisters together.  Since they live thousands of miles apart.
And of course.
Nothing but Jordan's for these two newlyweds.
And that's it
Before you know it, we were all back on the airplanes
bound for all parts of the country. (And Honduras)
But what a blessing . . . 
Yes, we are so blessed by the gospel and families.
Truly God is our loving Heavenly Father.
(click here for more information)
And he loves all of his children.
We are grateful to be a forever family.  Though we might live far apart
at the moment.  Our hearts will be knit together forever through
 gospel principles restored to earth in the Latter-days.
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