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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Settling in . . . Home sweet Mission Home

It's been almost like Christmas this week . . .

Almost . . .

Our shipment from the States arrived on Monday!  What a welcome surprise.  We had been warned that it may be two months after we arrived in the country before our shipment would be delivered.  We hoped it wouldn't be that long . . . but didn't dare to get our hopes up.

So we just tried not to think about it . . . and to our surprise, they called us and said it was being delivered!

Then came the unpacking . . .

For someone who doesn't like to move . . .

And SELDOM does move . . .

I can't believe how many times I have packed and unpacked in the last 18 months.  You would think I would be an expert by now.  And truthfully, I do think I have improved.

My problem is I'm lacking my right-hand organizer person.  I never was the organizer in the family :)  But just like when faced with decisions in life . . . I find myself asking . . .

What would Kelsie do?


Thank goodness I have her expertise and example to fall back on.

So now . . . not only is it beginning to feel like home.

It actually is beginning to look like home!

Christmas in July
The unpacking of the boxes - and all the wrappings, tape and trimmings!

Not to mention there was 26 of them!!


Ahhhh . . . yes . . .
I love to have a few familiar things to look at . . .

Just makes me feel . . .

Kinda - homey :)

For some reason I wanted to bring the Work and the Glory.

I thought I might have time to actually read them again!

I am still hopeful . . .

unpacking 1
And our games are here!

Now we just need to find a few hours to get together with
our friends the Johns and the Desters . . .

And let's see what kind of friendly competition we can get going :)

unpacking 2


Ahhhh . . . yes

The wall clocks!

Gifts from each of the children when Norm retired from his
insurance business after 33 years.  

Each one is set to the time zone where they live.  That way we always know
what time it is in Raleigh, Columbus, Denver and Highland.

And we can just imagine what each family might be doing in their little homes.


This is my favorite . . .

It does remind me of home . . .


Just a glimpse of the airplane treat I'm sending
home with a missionary as he departs the mission for his long flight back to
his home after an amazing job well done.

It's not enough . . .

Friday, July 26, 2013

AND it's amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!


We had some exceptional visits with the wonderful Branch
of the Church here on the island of Roatan.

Beautiful scenery aside . . . it was one of our favorite visits to a Branch since our arrival in Honduras.  We were so warmly welcomed by the members there . . . they were so happy to see us and and each person wanted to shake our hands and have an opportunity to say hello.

We had an opportunity to speak and share our testimonies in sacrament meeting and share our enthusiasm for the missionary work that is occurring at this time.  Bless the 
hearts of these people, they work so hard to get their attendance to increase so they
can meet their goal to become a ward by the end of the year.

Just wanted to refer you all to the couple currently serving
in the 
San Pedro Sula WEST mission . . .

They served for several months here on this island and truly made
a difference!

And now we could really use another
Senior couple . . .

in this beautiful place . . .

Take a look at some of their experiences here.

We know . . .

It's a hard job.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Random things I've Been Thinking this Week . . .

Since arriving in a third world country . . .

Things have changed just a bit for us!  Not quite as much one might think since we have many of the everyday comforts we are used to - thank you to excellent facilities management people here in Honduras.

But still . . .

I can't help but think . . .

1 - I can't turn on hot water without being especially grateful!
         I've had to take very few cold showers since we arrived here in the country . . . but what I can say is they are not very pleasant experiences.  I feel for the missionaries serving out there who never get warm showers every time I turn on my tap and the hot water comes out!            

2 - I'm especially grateful for running water period!
           Ditto - for the running water . . . I've been to homes of missionaries who occasionally have  running water, missionaries who never have running water . . . and they survive and thrive everyday!  I have to say "Bravo for them"!  They are outstanding young men and women who never complain.  I'm not sure I would be the same.

3 - I'm very grateful for toilets that flush!  And flush well!
         Ditto - for the flushing toilets . . . I can't believe how many people in this country, including the missionaries have to carry in water buckets daily to keep in the bathrooms to flush the toilets.  I'm so grateful I have a toilet that flushes.

4 - My poor shoes are already suffering after just a month in the country!
           Man . . . these dirt roads and lots of walking are difficult on the shoes!  I thought I was prepared but I really didn't anticipate the beating your shoes take in this country.  I'm hoping Zappos delivers in Honduras!

5 - I've been spoiled to have my own car for the last 40 years!
            WE are a one car family - we haven't had to plan and coordinate to share a car for our whole married life.  I guess I have been pretty spoiled . . . the difficulty here is I can't just walk to the store.  Nope . . can't do that . . . so its been a bit of a challenge but we're figuring things out.

6 - I don't know what we would do without the generator the church provides for us!
            Really . . . seriously??? Can the power go out really at least two times a day!  I wondered why there were candles in all the drawers in the house . . . but they must be leftover from the pre-generator years here in the mission home!  I have to reset the clocks on the stove and microwave constantly before I can use them . . . but at least I can use them :)

7 - It's a little disconcerting not to have all my usual doctors and dentists near by . . .
            I've been taking sick missionaries to doctors, to dentists, to hospitals etc for all kinds of things . . .  labwork, ultrasounds, doctor appointments, dental appointments . . . and while it's all working out quite well . . . I sure miss having my regular doctors and dentists available whenever I need them!

8 - Currently I can't speak English or Spanish well . . .
              I think my brain, my tongue and my head are confused . . . that just about explains it.

9 - A little Chocolate is a great coping skill!
              I'm sooooo glad I brought some great chocolate in suitcase.  Thank you Laurie - for the Kara's, I think I would curl up and die without it :D

10 - Being in the car and going anywhere - is frequently terrifying!
              I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but truly every time we go out anyplace at least a crazy flash of fear crosses my mind that in this most dangerous of countries  - the MOST dangerous thing is the buses and cars careening down the streets avoiding the huge potholes, dodging the dogs and pedestrians, the horse pulled carts that pull out in front of you when you're going 50 miles an hour.

11 - Netflix is a great coping skill :)
             I'm not a huge TV watcher . . . really I'm not, but I just miss turning on the TV and hearing someone speaking English . . .  I miss the morning news . . . I have no idea what's going on anywhere in the world!!  My new favorites are CBS and Netflix . . . at least for a few minutes when I have time :)

12 - My cute little part time housekeeper makes blogging possible  . . .
           Blogging is certainly one of my "optional" activites, right behind taking sick calls from missionaries, studying Spanish and Preach my Gospel, writing talks, talking to doctors, responding to emails, teaching basic health prevention strategies a million times a day, preparing training for missionaries, preparing for speaking assignments, researching speaking assignments, the list goes on.  At the end of a long day . . . I'm so grateful to come home to a clean house - it gives me a few minutes a day to upload photos, and work on the blog.  I'm so grateful!

13 - I've never been so comfortable talking about diarrhea . . .
              and ingrown toenails, fungal infections, vomiting and athlete's foot
             but I draw the line at testicle problems . . . that's one for El Presidente!

14 - Everytime I turn on lights in the middle of the night - I'm always grateful if there aren't bugs scurrying around!
Once upon a time my best friend and I traveled to Mexico and stayed with a lovely family there in a beautiful home!  One night in the middle of the night we headed to the kitchen for a midnight snack . . . wow!  Did those bugs all scatter fast as we turned on the kitchen light . . . I keep expecting it to happen again - and breath a sigh of relief every single time I turn on the lights at night when the bugs are no where in sight!  What a blessing!

15 - I'm getting kind of fond of my cute little missionary tag.
           It took a little bit of time to get used to wearing a missionary tag and wondering why everyone had questions for me or slightly sideways looks for us . . . but now we love it!  We love having the opportunity to greet everyone and explain that we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and asking if they have heard of the Mormon church or seen our missionaries.  It's a great ice breaker :)

16 - I'm grateful for the accomplishments and the progress of every single day!
           One thing we've discovered is it's just one continual round of one BIG thing after another.  I'm super grateful for each day that goes by where things get done, offices get organized, transfers get planned, meals get cooked, events get organized, meals get planned, things get fixed, talks get written, lessons get printed, cookies get baked.  I'm grateful every day!

17 - LDSAccess is one of my new favorites
                  When you're waiting in a hot church for hours while your husband is doing interviews . . . LDSAccess is a beautiful thing :)

18 - A playlist I created four years ago for a young missionary is simply incredible.
               I have to share this playlist - I think it's perfect for just about any missionary!
               Click here - for a link to the list of songs

19 - I think I need my own office . . .
               When El Presidente is working at the office . . . . I completely take over his home office . . . when he comes home I have to totally rearrange all my stuff!  If he's working at home, I use the kitchen table . . . when we eat I have to totally arrange all my stuff!  When we're at the mission office . . . I use the extra table in El Presidente's office . . . when he needs privacy I have to totally rearrange all my stuff!  No wonder . . . I struggle with organization :)

20 - After living in a dessert all my life . . . I'm kinda likin' the humidity
                 I don't miss the dry skin - enough said.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's up with all those Mormon Temples anyway?

What's up with all those Mormon temples anyway?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has become more recognizable as time goes on.  The Church has been recognized in the media for its dedication to family values, interest in local leadership, importance of education . . . and also it's many temples scattered throughout the world today.

Since members of our Church who have been recommended by their religious leaders are those permitted inside the temples, they have become somewhat a  mystery to the outside world as to what goes on inside the temple.  They are our church's most sacred form of worship, education and covenant making.

Eternal families are created

We know through revealed revelation from our prophets that family's are indeed sacred.  We believe families can live together forever and family relationships can persist beyond this life.  Some of our most joy filled experiences in this life revolve around family relationships.  Likewise, the loss of our family members to death causes some of life's most difficult heartaches.

Thus, family members who accept the atonement of Jesus Christ and commit to follow his example can be together forever by making sacred covenants with God in the temples.  It's through our temples that eternal families are formed.

There's a delightful video to help those who haven't experienced being inside a temple understand more about the temple and the sacred worship and covenants made inside.

Just wanted to share it with you all!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update from Honduras!


We completed our mission tour this week.  What an amazing month we have had since we left our home in Highland Utah on June 22nd.  It is now July 16th.  We can hardly believe it . . . the time has gone by so fast.

Our brains are full to capacity with the overwhelming amount of work that needs to get done to keep things under control here in the Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission!

I am trying to get a grip on the 25% of our missionaries that don't feel good or are suffering with a health condition at any given time.  It's challenging my brain :) But it's all good!

Just returned from our last area to visit . . .

The two islands off the coast of Honduras . . . some of you may be familiar with them.

WE have missionaries on both
Roatan and Utila.

What excellent young men they are serving in these remote areas.  It is beautiful
no doubt, but I think their missionary work is probably the
hardest of all the areas to serve in.

You might be interested to know that our

has just been recently updated also.

Just thought I'd pass that along.

Here we are alive and well!


We have been lucky to keep in touch with family members back home
through all the modern technology now available to us!

Vonage phone
and our blog

We are very grateful for these things.

Thanks to good friends, sisters, aunts, neighbors, cousins  - the fort is being held
down at home, and the wedding plans for Kelsie are coming along nicely!
Thanks a bunch to everyone!!

We love you all tons.

Here's our address here in the mission - we would love to hear from 
any of you :)

Presidente & Hma. Klein
Mision Honduras San Pedro Sula Este
12 Calle, Avenida Circunvalacion, S.O.
Edif. Yude Canahuati 3 Nivel, Oficina 4
San Pedro Sula, Cortes
Honduras C.A.



(one of the more prosperous areas of San Pedro Sula)

(these heavy rain clouds are a blessing as they provide cooler temperatures instead
of the direct hot sun!)

Something very interesting to note . . .
NO ONE here has addresses!

Pretty much throughout the entire country.  Only a portion of the large buildings and offices have an actual address.  And truly the mail system here is practically
non existant.  I'm not kidding . . .

How any of this mail gets to people here is miraculous and a mystery to me.  It's a system that is just one step below the pony express, as mail and packages are passed through
an unorganized system of planes, buses, ferries throughout the whole country.

But most of the time it seems to make it . . . it's a miracle!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just in Case you Care . . .

Just in case you care . . .

and are interested . . .

We have created a mission blog that will chronicle our more specific mission adventures, miracles, amazing missionaries and the country of Honduras.

We'll continue to post personal events here on our home blog as well.

On our mission blog, not only will you find specific information of the

Honduras, San Pedro Sula East Mission

but we will share ALL things missionary!  You can find -

Links to inspiring missionary based conference addresses and counsel

Links to other missionary blogs reporting in from all over Honduras

Find out what Mission President Wives really do :)

Find out why YOU should come serve as Missionary Couple with us!!

So if you care . . .

and are interested . . .

Come check it out :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Look Who's Getting Married!

Hurray!  Very good news at our house!

kelsie & mike

Look whose getting married . . .

Cool idea from Mike to propose on the home plate - and also the awesome
creation of a ring box out of a cut in half baseball.
You already know the way to your young ladies heart :)

And the best news yet . . .

The plan is to travel to Honduras and be sealed in the
Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple

Ah . . . congratulations Mike and Kelsie!
We are so happy for you!

I have so many fun pictures I could share,
but this is one of my favorites


Thursday, July 4, 2013

No 4th of July Celebration here . . .

It's been an amazing and inspiring week trying to get settled in Honduras, in the San Pedro Sula East Mission.  It's been a whirlwind tour as we have gathered with our missionaries in 9 different cities over the last 7 days.  Lots of driving . . . beautiful scenery . . . dedicated missionaries!

We missed our July 4th celebration with friends and family so just wanted to share some of the photos sent to us from family celebrations in Columbus Ohio and Denver!

We or course think they are pretty cute :)

karianne & greg cory and sara

Then we thought we'd share just a little update from what's 
been going on in our lives here since our arrival!

We arrived in San Pedro Sula on Thursday and were met at the airport by outgoing President and Hermana Veirs.  We were at the end of an endlessly long line to go through customs with our bags and discovered that one of our porters was a member of the church.  And the next thing you know he has whisked us to the front of the line!  One of our first miracles here in this great country!  

We discovered right away that it's pretty different driving than in the USA.  There are no road lines, generally people drive on the right and the left like back home, but if no one is coming the other direction it's just ok to use the whole road for either direction, and then cut back in shortly before a head on collision.  Meanwhile cars are dodging dogs, pedestrians (as EVERYONE appears to be walking along the side of the roads here with no sidewalks and very narrow roads), bicycles, even horses! People drive very fast here as there are no speed limits anywhere.  I think we experienced several near misses but arrived at our new home and mission office . . . Our second miracle here in the country!

We already are amazed and inspired at the missionaries we'll have opportunity to serve with for the next three years.  At first, 3 years seemed like a long time, but we can already see the days zipping by and know that three years will go by in a heartbeat.  We are enamored of the warm, humble and kind people of the country of Honduras.  

We appreciate each day the beauty that surrounds us once we get a little outside the city itself.  It's true, the country has many great problems, one of which is the potentially dangerous situations that surrounds us each day.  But we count ourselves blessed tremendously by our Heavenly Father and know that he is ever watchful of his servants here in Honduras and all over the world really.  We are so grateful for this opportunity to be here and serve in the missionary efforts as the gospel truly rolls forth upon the face of the earth at this time.  

Love and hugs to all
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