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Recently returned from serving the people of Honduras for 3 years

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update from Honduras!


We completed our mission tour this week.  What an amazing month we have had since we left our home in Highland Utah on June 22nd.  It is now July 16th.  We can hardly believe it . . . the time has gone by so fast.

Our brains are full to capacity with the overwhelming amount of work that needs to get done to keep things under control here in the Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission!

I am trying to get a grip on the 25% of our missionaries that don't feel good or are suffering with a health condition at any given time.  It's challenging my brain :) But it's all good!

Just returned from our last area to visit . . .

The two islands off the coast of Honduras . . . some of you may be familiar with them.

WE have missionaries on both
Roatan and Utila.

What excellent young men they are serving in these remote areas.  It is beautiful
no doubt, but I think their missionary work is probably the
hardest of all the areas to serve in.

You might be interested to know that our

has just been recently updated also.

Just thought I'd pass that along.

Here we are alive and well!


We have been lucky to keep in touch with family members back home
through all the modern technology now available to us!

Vonage phone
and our blog

We are very grateful for these things.

Thanks to good friends, sisters, aunts, neighbors, cousins  - the fort is being held
down at home, and the wedding plans for Kelsie are coming along nicely!
Thanks a bunch to everyone!!

We love you all tons.

Here's our address here in the mission - we would love to hear from 
any of you :)

Presidente & Hma. Klein
Mision Honduras San Pedro Sula Este
12 Calle, Avenida Circunvalacion, S.O.
Edif. Yude Canahuati 3 Nivel, Oficina 4
San Pedro Sula, Cortes
Honduras C.A.



(one of the more prosperous areas of San Pedro Sula)

(these heavy rain clouds are a blessing as they provide cooler temperatures instead
of the direct hot sun!)

Something very interesting to note . . .
NO ONE here has addresses!

Pretty much throughout the entire country.  Only a portion of the large buildings and offices have an actual address.  And truly the mail system here is practically
non existant.  I'm not kidding . . .

How any of this mail gets to people here is miraculous and a mystery to me.  It's a system that is just one step below the pony express, as mail and packages are passed through
an unorganized system of planes, buses, ferries throughout the whole country.

But most of the time it seems to make it . . . it's a miracle!

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