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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Settling in . . . Home sweet Mission Home

It's been almost like Christmas this week . . .

Almost . . .

Our shipment from the States arrived on Monday!  What a welcome surprise.  We had been warned that it may be two months after we arrived in the country before our shipment would be delivered.  We hoped it wouldn't be that long . . . but didn't dare to get our hopes up.

So we just tried not to think about it . . . and to our surprise, they called us and said it was being delivered!

Then came the unpacking . . .

For someone who doesn't like to move . . .

And SELDOM does move . . .

I can't believe how many times I have packed and unpacked in the last 18 months.  You would think I would be an expert by now.  And truthfully, I do think I have improved.

My problem is I'm lacking my right-hand organizer person.  I never was the organizer in the family :)  But just like when faced with decisions in life . . . I find myself asking . . .

What would Kelsie do?


Thank goodness I have her expertise and example to fall back on.

So now . . . not only is it beginning to feel like home.

It actually is beginning to look like home!

Christmas in July
The unpacking of the boxes - and all the wrappings, tape and trimmings!

Not to mention there was 26 of them!!


Ahhhh . . . yes . . .
I love to have a few familiar things to look at . . .

Just makes me feel . . .

Kinda - homey :)

For some reason I wanted to bring the Work and the Glory.

I thought I might have time to actually read them again!

I am still hopeful . . .

unpacking 1
And our games are here!

Now we just need to find a few hours to get together with
our friends the Johns and the Desters . . .

And let's see what kind of friendly competition we can get going :)

unpacking 2


Ahhhh . . . yes

The wall clocks!

Gifts from each of the children when Norm retired from his
insurance business after 33 years.  

Each one is set to the time zone where they live.  That way we always know
what time it is in Raleigh, Columbus, Denver and Highland.

And we can just imagine what each family might be doing in their little homes.


This is my favorite . . .

It does remind me of home . . .


Just a glimpse of the airplane treat I'm sending
home with a missionary as he departs the mission for his long flight back to
his home after an amazing job well done.

It's not enough . . .


Sue said...

It's good to have some familiar things around!


Sue said...

PS. I like your airplane treat!

Kim Wright said...

Absolutely adore you!

Jill said...

I am Elder Blaisdell's mom from Idaho. I was happy to see you have sunflowers AND The Work and Glory books to read again. That is also my goal. I mostly wanted to thank your husband for calling my son on his and his twin brother's birthday. It is comforting to know you are loving ours like your own. Thank you and hugs. JiLL

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