Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Crazy Life we Lead . . .

Whew!  This schedule continues to astound me . . .

I've been thinking it's just temporary for the last nine months now . . .

We started 5 hours away from home this morning in Tocoa, one of our member districts.  Returning from 5 days on the road (and in the air) meeting with members, missionaries, leadership, setting new missionaries apart, delivering missionary callings, interviews with members in the Districts just in time to shop and get lunch together for a P-day activity, we invited one of our closer zones of 30 missionaries to join us for P-day.

Sharing just a few of the interesting photos of the day . . .

 (Meeting with members and missionaries to set apart three new missionaries and 
delivery mission calls to newly called missionaries!)

(Looking pretty excited to be opening the long awaited mission call!)

While I was shopping and lunch preparing, Norm was holding an Office Staff meeting to discuss our transfer schedule and new arriving missionaries which begin tomorrow morning bright and early.

The P-day activity was a hike, which was wonderful and so much fun to spend three hours with our missionaries, climbed 1500 feet in elevation and left me inspired but exhausted.

After returning home I've been packing the boxes, bags, sheets, meal preparation stuff we haul with us about an hour away for our newly arriving missionaries and putting together all the things we need to welcome new missionaries.

(I may never eat chicken again and feel good about it . . .)

(No, this is NOT a school bus, but local transportation here in Honduras!  Our Elders 
arriving for a P-day activity with us!)

Finally at 10 pm it's into the shower, ordering a gift online for our tax person who we are so grateful for, especially since tomorrow is April 15th!

And it's up at 5am tomorrow to start the meal cooking in the crockpots that we will bring with us to our new missionary meeting and to pack the car and be out the door at 7am.

(Doesn't every kitchen have a setting hen caring for a dozen soon to be hatching eggs!??)


I feel so much better now . . . I knew you all just wanted to know!  Not all the days are like this one  - thank goodness . . . 

Some are much crazier :)

But it is good at the end of each day
to think . . .


We did a lot of good today :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Benjamin

This little one . . .
Born Valentines Day, February 14, 2014
sure brings lots of joy to this grandma and grandpa.

Truly so blessed to have a new little one in the family.
We're pretty sure he knows how much this Grandma and Grandpa love
him, even though he's far away and doesn't get lots of loves and hugs and kisses 
from us right now.

Thank you for sharing so many absolutely darling
photos with us.  We're so grateful for fabulous modern technology so we can see him
and visit with him, and hear big brother Jonny cakes tell us all about him.

Congratulations on this wonderful addition to the family.

We all think he's pretty special :)

For now . . .

We'll be content with precious glimpses from afar.

When we arrived in the mission field, we had two beautiful grand babies.  Now we have 
four :)  We think that's pretty cool . . .  Double the blessings!


Missionary Grandma and Grandpa