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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Ohio Interjection . . .

I'm a bit behind on quite a few blogging posts but just thought I'd insert this little
Ohio Interjection :)

So here i am in the Ohio . . .

And it's just the perfect day . . .

Out for a lovely bike ride along the banks of the Scioto River just outside of Columbus.

The day is lovely, it's not too hot, it's not too cold
and it's not raining . . .

We're cycling our way to the "Rib & Jazz Fest" and we're excited to sample some outstanding BBQ ribs . . .

cycling 1

Seriously - coolest bike ride ever, mostly shady, you get to cross these super cool bridges . . .

Ribbet collage 2

So impressed with little Addi bear, she is having the greatest time
in her cycling trailer.



The king apparent - of the BBQ ribs . . .


Can you almost smell those ribs . . . the most amazing looking ribs you've ever seen, and 
hmmmm . . . can you get a whiff of them??


And the homemade lemonade was simply to die for
One whole lemon
a lot of sugar and water :)

cycling 5

cycling 3

And then it was time to cycle on down to the splash pad . . .
The perfect ending of a perfect day .  . .


fountain 1

fountain 2

After a thorough soaking, it was time to head back to the car
before it got dark

fountain 3


Ummm . . . excuse me!

There seems to be a problem with the car we left behind . . .


Someone broke the window and popped the locked glove box!
Where we just happened to lock a new Ipad3 into the box
before we left on the bikes . . .

Pretty much the only thing of value left inside the car
(if you don't count the two $30 several years old GPS's they thought were valuable enough
to make off with . . .

What a mess!

car collage 1

And to our surprise!!

We made this discovery  . . .


Hopefully with a little "insurance claim" all will be good as new . . .

But dang . . . almost a perfect day . . .

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama!

At long last . . . an update . . .

We truly have dropped off the face of the blogging earth :)

So much has happened in our little world this last month . . .

Our townhouse construction is coming along in leaps and bounds, I need to get some new photos for the blog.  We expect it will be done sometime next month or early September (if I can only make up my mind by then . . . thank goodness I am only having to design 2000 square feet, anything larger would probably do me in!! Thank goodness for PINTEREST I might add, it's soooo much help to organize thoughts and ideas! You can follow me on the link or just my "townhouse" board.)

Norm completed a 200 mile cycling trip (JATOLAV - Jackson Hole to Lava Hot Springs over 4 days!) with the Young Men from our Ward - so proud of him!  But that is also fodder for another blog post :) (Speaking of cycling though . . . we do have two fun new bikes and are really enjoying learning more about cycling and seeing our community from underneath our bike helmets :)

Conan is meeting lots of new friends at The Dog Lodge (thanks Maureen for the recommendation).  Now that we are in an apartment, he has been boarded for the first time in his life for our family vacation and family reunions!

Kelsie is back at USU Eastern - two more semesters after this one for her RN.  Way to go Kels!  Woot woot!!  And in a new apartment - photos to come . . . and in the latest update, she has passed her NCLEX board exams for her LPN - Woot woot!!

Our little town of Alpine almost burned down . . . sad . . . so sad, I need to get photos of the mountain for the blog also . . . we're so glad everyone is safe and no homes were lost, it was the luck of the wind, or perhaps another power that saved the homes and structures of the town, as the wild wind drove the fire to the tops of the mountain in just a few minutes.  So grateful the wind blew away from the homes and the town.

But until those updates are ready . . . ta da!  Here is Alabama - sweet home Alabama!  

Norm's brother graciously invited us to use his lovely home on the shores of the Lewis Smith Lake in a beautiful wooded area of Alabama.  Our family gathered from the far reaches of the country . . . Dustin and Cami drove from Raleigh NC and stayed in a little bed & breakfast across the lake.   Karianne, Greg and Addision drove also from Columbus Ohio area in their new Honda Pilot.  Cory, Sara and baby Jonathan arrived by plane at the Huntsville airport and rented a car for the week.  Norm, Kelsie and I flew into the Birmingham airport where we were met by Uncle Ron.  After a stop at the local Walmart for provisions . . . we were off to THE LAKE!

One view of Lewis Smith Lake - across the street from the house

The view of the lake from behind the house - we truly are surrounded by water!


Oh! And did I mention - the lakehouse comes with a boat!  And our own little boat dock!
Can life get any more relaxing . . .
Add to the mix, lots of amazing food - prepared by the Klein family almost nearly professional chefs, lots of chocolate, treats, yummy desserts, fun games . . . babies, kids, water, frisbee golf
It was wonderful!

Here's some of the best of the best
(of the hundreds of possible photos :)

AL collage1 AL collage2 al collage 11 AL collage 4 AL collage 5 AL collage 6 AL collage 8 AL collage 9 AL collage 12 AL collage 13 AL collage 9a

And . . .

Until 2013

this is us . . .  the Alpine Klein Bunch

DSC07259 kk DSC05714 kk3

Sweet Alabama!
 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_07.jpg  photo s_10.jpg