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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Little Ohio Interjection . . .

I'm a bit behind on quite a few blogging posts but just thought I'd insert this little
Ohio Interjection :)

So here i am in the Ohio . . .

And it's just the perfect day . . .

Out for a lovely bike ride along the banks of the Scioto River just outside of Columbus.

The day is lovely, it's not too hot, it's not too cold
and it's not raining . . .

We're cycling our way to the "Rib & Jazz Fest" and we're excited to sample some outstanding BBQ ribs . . .

cycling 1

Seriously - coolest bike ride ever, mostly shady, you get to cross these super cool bridges . . .

Ribbet collage 2

So impressed with little Addi bear, she is having the greatest time
in her cycling trailer.



The king apparent - of the BBQ ribs . . .


Can you almost smell those ribs . . . the most amazing looking ribs you've ever seen, and 
hmmmm . . . can you get a whiff of them??


And the homemade lemonade was simply to die for
One whole lemon
a lot of sugar and water :)

cycling 5

cycling 3

And then it was time to cycle on down to the splash pad . . .
The perfect ending of a perfect day .  . .


fountain 1

fountain 2

After a thorough soaking, it was time to head back to the car
before it got dark

fountain 3


Ummm . . . excuse me!

There seems to be a problem with the car we left behind . . .


Someone broke the window and popped the locked glove box!
Where we just happened to lock a new Ipad3 into the box
before we left on the bikes . . .

Pretty much the only thing of value left inside the car
(if you don't count the two $30 several years old GPS's they thought were valuable enough
to make off with . . .

What a mess!

car collage 1

And to our surprise!!

We made this discovery  . . .


Hopefully with a little "insurance claim" all will be good as new . . .

But dang . . . almost a perfect day . . .


Momza said...

The happy faces show it was a great family day, exploring the city. The littlest face put a smile on my face too. So sorry about the vandalism...we had our car broken into a couple of years ago, along with every other car on our street. And all they took was alot of GPS's. Of course, they sell them on Ebay, Craigslist, pawn shops. Senseless and frustrating. Glad your Ipad was safe and your family!

toko baju muslim murah layali said...

Beautiful pics! :-) i like

Sue said...

Looks wonderful. Enjoy!


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