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Recently returned from serving the people of Honduras for 3 years

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Welcome to Honduras . . .

I have about a minute to share a few photos
from the last few days!
We were able to meet a few of the missionaries bound for 
San Pedro Sula East mission just as we were leaving the MTC.
Sadly, the MTC staff only were able to get the message to half of our group
to come to the meeting place so we could only meet with half
of the missionaries that we were aware of that have received
calls to serve in our mission.
(cell phone photos . . . guess I'm destined to share them for the 
next three years.  Hopefully they'll be interspersed with some better quality ones
from time to time:)

A glimpse of Belize as we were flying by . . .

Our first sights of Honduras!
We already have a favorite dinner spot - 
On their way out of town we were able to dine 
with President and Hma. Veirs who shared so much with us
to help us prepare for this great assignment.
Thank goodness we took home a doggie bag . . . haven't made it to the grocery 
store since we arrived on Thursday morning!

The brushing of the teeth is just not the same . . .

From inside looking out . . .

From inside out . . .
One of the views from our window . . .


We leave today for meetings to 
greet the missionaries all over the mission. We'll be traveling for the next
five days!

We've haven't even unpacked from our arrival which
maybe is a good thing now that I think about.

So many impressions to share from the 
Mission Presidents Seminar
and also our arrival in Honduras.

But enjoy this little preview :)


Monday, June 24, 2013

The Time has come . . . The Time is Now . . .

Well . . .

Ready or not  - off we go!

Checked in at the MTC on Saturday morning.  We are feeling pretty amazed, uplifted, inspired -
yes, all of the above.

We wondered how they would manage to teach us everything we would need to know in a 5 day seminar in order to care for 150-250 young 18-25 year old missionaries in a third world country.  But they are packing our days pretty full.  From early morning to late nights . . . we have the opportunity to be trained by the best of the best of the best.

There is so much I could say but would like to share just a few thoughts . . .

We were very privileged on Sunday morning to attend a Sacrament meeting with the First Presidency of the Church and Quorum of the Twelve, plus many other General Authorities and members of the Missionary Department.  It honestly was one of the most thought provoking, heart stirring experiences I've had opportunity to participate in. (for those not of my faith - I'm including a few definitions below).

I have difficulty describing exactly what it was that brought the Spirit so strongly to the meeting . . .  truly it was in fact part that we were in the company of such greatness, but it was even more
than that . . .

I reflect upon the magnificent choir who provided both prelude and musical numbers, upon the 20 something clean cut, handsome, glowing young missionaries who passed the sacrament, the sacredness of the work that is rolling forth, the degree of sacrifice and diligence present in such a compact space . . . who knows what it was, but it was incredible.  Only a few times in my life have I been able to catch a glimpse that extends beyond our mortal world, and this was one of the few times.

I want to say something to the mothers of all missionaries - any of the ones I describe could be yours.

As I looked at the beautiful sisters and the handsome young men of the choir who sang and touched the hearts of each of us . . . They were amazing.  They were beyond perfect.  I think their moms would be so proud if they could see them.

As I looked at the worthy young missionary priesthood holders, blessed to be asked to participate in the sacrament service of the day (can you imagine blessing the sacrament and passing to the members present, of which we were the least of the gathering??)  I think their moms would be so proud if they could see them.

But they could not . . . so just let me say that 173 moms watched and partook, and were so proud.

I can't think of a photo anywhere that would do justice to this post . . . but I'm including the two photos I have of the choir from the devotional, "The Work of Salvation" that was broadcast that evening.  One of the sea of sisters.  One of the Elders.

They will have to suffice.



[In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the First Presidency is the presiding, or governing authority of the church. It usually consists of the President of the Church and two counselors. The counselors assist the church president and work closely with him in guiding the entire church.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are apostles, with the calling to be prophets, seers, and revelatorsevangelical ambassadors, and special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), a general authority is a member of the highest levels of leadership in the church[1] who has administrative and ecclesiastical authority over the church.

Partaking of the sacrament is an ordinance in the LDS faith. To partake of the sacrament often is to be in obedience to the command of Jesus Christ and to allow members the opportunity to demonstrate their willingness to remember the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.[2]
The sacrament is offered on a weekly basis during sacrament meeting]

Find out more about the 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sharing in the Work . . .

  • Just a few thoughts for today if you are feelng the missionary spirit.  Some of my favorite scripture verses . . . 

Isaiah 52:7

  • And more . . .
  • I will both search my sheep and seek them out:Ezek. 34:11;
  • Preach the gospel to every creature:Mark 16:15; ( Morm. 9:22; )
  • The fields are white already to harvest:John 4:35;
  • And how shall they preach, except they be sent:Rom. 10:15;
  • Teach them the word of God with all diligence:Jacob 1:19;
  • The Lord grants unto all nations to teach his word:Alma 29:8;
  • The gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple:D&C 1:23;
  • A marvelous work is about to come forth:D&C 4:1;
  • If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy:D&C 18:15;
  • Mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts:D&C 29:7;
  • Go forth preaching my gospel, two by two:D&C 42:6;
  • The sound must go forth from this place:D&C 58:64;
  • Open your mouths in proclaiming my gospel:D&C 71:1;
  • Proclaim truth according to the revelations and commandments:D&C 75:4;
  • Every man who has been warned should warn his neighbor:D&C 88:81; ( D&C 38:40–41; )
  • The Lord will provide for the families of those who preach the gospel:D&C 118:3;
  • The servants of God shall go forth:D&C 133:38;
  • Faithful elders, when they depart from mortal life, continue their labors:D&C 138:57

Don't miss the special Missionary Devotional this evening being live broadcast at LDS.org

4:00 pm - available in many Stake Centers, and at mormonchannel.org

A new website is about to be revealed . . .

“Hastening the Work of Salvation: A Unified Effort in Conversion, Retention, and Activation”

 . . . providing inspirational guidance for priesthood leaders, ward councils, ward mission leaders, all members, missionaries and youth as they prepare to serve in spreading the gospel and receiving the blessings of the temple.

I'm thinking it may revolutionize the missionary effort everywhere!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

To Make a Difference . . . changing lives . . .

Just an example of one instance where sharing the gospel made a difference . . .

A young man in Honduras changes his life and the gospel message touches his heart.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Packing Light . . . I must say I'm Impressed!


Packing has been on my mind for many weeks now . . .

And I must say the pile of stuff that has to go into our suitcases keeps getting a little bigger everyday.  So I must say I was astounded to run across this video . . .

Perhaps you all have seen this before . . . but I literally sat there astounded watching how to pack this suitcase . . . I think I better share it with missionaries everywhere :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watermelon Sorbet - perfect for the Hot Summer Temperatures

Just wanted to share this recipe for Watermelon Sorbet!

We had this yummy dessert yesterday at a poolside luncheon where we gathered for one last girls day by the pool before we depart for Honduras.

Watermelon Sorbet

1/2 medium watermelon sliced lengthwise
1 6oz can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed and undiluted
1 15 oz can crushed pineapple, undrained
1/2 c sugar

Scoop out watermelon flesh, place in blender or food processor and process until smooth.  Pour puree through a wire mesh strained into a bowl; discard pulp and any seeds.  Measure 8 cups of juice; add lemonade concentrate, pineapple and sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves.

Pour mixture into a 9x13 pan, cover and freeze until form.  Can be served in the following ways -

Soften slightly and scoop into bowl, garnish with slice of watermelon.

Slushy - smoothy - Break frozen mixture into chunks.  Place half the mixture in blender or food processor; process until smooth.  Repeat with remaining frozen mixture - serve immediately.

Scoop into a tall glass and top with Ginger ale as a slush.

Monday, June 17, 2013

First Glimpse . . . Mission home

Just thought I would share . . .

First glimpse of the mission home . . . San Pedro Sula East Mission

4 days!  It's coming up quickly!
Saturday we head for the MTC, bringing all our suitcases with us. Wednesday, July 26 we leave for Honduras.

I think we're almost ready :)

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey . . . .

Packing makes me nostalgic . . . I think I've mentioned that before . . .

Our shipment to Honduras got off and hopefully will arrive with all parts intact once Norm and I arrive in the country.  The previous President Veirs and his wife didn't receive their shipment for two months!!  I might be in trouble . . .

Since you can't ship any type of food product I have to carry my three year supply of chocolate (JK) in my suitcase . . . which means less room for clothing!  (Only sort of just kidding!)

But we are doing a bunch of rearranging and shuffling of stuff from closet to garage to make more closet space and kitchen cupboard space available for Kelsie and her soon to arrive roommate.

So once again, I mention that packing makes me nostalgic . . . I just kept touching some of my favorite things and thinking in my head . . . "don't go anywhere, I'll return for you one of these days".  I'm really not a worldly possession type individual truly I'm not, but it just happens that I have surrounded myself with treasures that remind me of family, precious grandparents, childhood memories, family history, courage and great character of those who have come before.  Unfortunately, they will have to wait at home for us to return.

So I just had to share one last photo of some of my favorite scenes . . . that I will miss being inspired by everyday.  No worries though . . . instead we'll be inspired daily by our 135 currently serving young men and sisters!

(and the big camera is packed and shipped - so pardon the cell phone photos!)

My tiny little Grandma's little rocking chair.  
It sits at the side of my bed and I love it!

An ancient pocketbook of verse
that my Dad used to read all sorts of poetry to us when we were tiny little tikes.
And the autobiography of our ancestor - 
Parley P. Pratt

A favorite dried bouquet, 
the oldest book in my possession
"The Waverly Novels" by Sir. Walter Scot
published in 1868.
And my grandfathers ancient ancient typewriter which I still
remember his using all the time!

The hand carved scroll
from my Grandparents dining room chairs.


One of my most treasured items . . .
An amazingly intact regulator clock.

Just a glimpse at my a tiny portion of my bookshelf collection.

Totally self explanatory :)

Just a couple of the collected aprons.

Besides the "Water" pitcher that is mostly symbolic to me,
the tiny little hymn book is probably one of the first ever published Missionary Hymnbooks.
(it's actually small enough, I just may tuck it into my bag:)


(Ah Paris . . . probably self explanatory)


a few pottery bowls - made by hand 
by true potters.  Just a visual favorite . . .

My button collection . . .
I don't suppose I'll have any need for my button collection . . .
It's used mostly for craft projects these days - but it is treasured.  I have
some prrretttty amazing buttons :)

It will be interesting to see what I post as my 
"Sentimental Journey"
as we prepare to return in three years.

I'm sure it will also be 
very interesting.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nature Adventure . . . amidst the Theme Parks


With all the many and varied activities available in the Orlando area . . .

We didn't anticipate that we would like our
Nature Adventure

as much or more than the theme parks!

We were so fortunate during May to gather the kids, their spouses
and the grandbabies to the Orlando area for a fun family reunion.

We don't all get to be in one place at the same time very often. So when we do it's always such fun to visit someplace we haven't been to before.  This summer it is Orlando.   I have much more to share but thought I'd begin with some of the photos from our


It was with the Kissammee Swamp Tour group about 30 minutes south of Orlando.
DSC02845 DSC02841

They put us in two separate boats, each with our own unique
and fun tour guide and boat navigator.

Each person has a set of headphones so you can hear the tour guide
above the noise of the boats.  It's lots of fun as you can hear the guide
and ask questions as you go along and each person can hear everyone else.

DSC02840 DSC02831

Even the babies had a wonderful experience  - Jonathan promptly 
fell asleep and slept throughout the whole ride.

Greg had always wanted to have the opportunity to see a bald eagle . . .

Well . . .
Check that one off your bucket list cause,

He got to see several of them!  And pretty up close also.
They were pretty majestic looking!

DSC02787 DSC02794 DSC02708
These are sandhill cranes.
A Roseate Spoonbill . . .
And of course - 
We saw lots of these!
DSC02780 DSC02740
Our tour boat operators went out of their way to be sure we
saw LOTS of these . . .


These just happen to be baby ones, but we saw the big ones too!

If you get a chance, don't miss an airboat tour in Florida.

Pretty amazing scenes!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Packing . . . didn't we just do this??

Once again we find ourselves juggling boxes, changing closets and accumulating piles . . .

Piles to go to Honduras.

Piles to be packed into suitcases.

Piles to go to storage.

Piles to be packed up and stored in closets.

Really we have just 19 days . . . and yes, we are counting each and every one of them

DSC03272 DSC03271 DSC03270 DSC03269 DSC03268

Just 19 days . . .

Until all this stuff is shipped, the bags will be packed and we will be on our way
to the MTC (Missionary Training Center for those unfamiliar with the LDS language terms)
for a 5 day seminar.

Our other dilemma is suitcases or duffle bags?  This shows our travel differences . . .
Kristin opted for the duffle bags . . . Norm for the suitcases . . .
We'll see which turns out to be the most flexible choice . . .


About our upcoming Mission President's Seminar at the MTC which begins June 22 -

During our interview President Henry B. Eyring "joked" with us that they will share with us everything we need to know to manage, inspire and watch care for 150-250 missionaries for the next three years.

"Good Luck with that" he smiled as he said those words :)

Although the teachers and trainers just don't get any better than the Quorum of the Twelve, the First Presidency and the Missionary Department.

The days are going faster and faster .  . .

If you would like to join us as a Senior Couple
You'll find all the scoope at -
Come Serve a Senior Mission in Honduras!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cultivate an Attitude . . .

Pres. Hinckley quote

Welcome! Another RN to the family :D

She's done!

I remember 4 years ago when Kelsie graduated from high school . . . . the next thing on her list (AND she was SO determined!) was to get accepted into nursing school and become an RN.

Who would have guessed four years ago what a challenge THAT goal would be, and how much determination and desire would be necessary to actually bring it to pass.

There were times when I wondered if she would change her area of focus to take an easier path, or find a field that was less competitive to get into.  But there was never anything else for her . . .

I remember the files of paperwork as she gathered information for every nursing school in the State of Utah!  Each with their slightly different requirements, expectations, necessary prerequisites . . . what a challenge!  And keep in mind that Kelsie was a great student!  Her GPA was a 3.75 . . . not too shabby!

DSC02119 av DSC02125 DSC02123

But unfortunately at the time, pretty much a 4.0 was required to get into many of the schools.  Not because that was their requirement, but that was the GPA's of many of the students applying.

But not to give up . . . she was determined to keep applying and knew she would be accepted somewhere.  Little did she know the first school to admit her was going to be Utah State Eastern located in Price, UT.  What a change from Rexburg Idaho where she was currently studying.


And now here we are!  She not only survived the move from Rexburg to Price but thrived!  Besides her nursing skills she became proficient in many small town pass times such as fishing, target practice (watch out guys . . . she has a gun and she knows how to use it!) and train trestle TV dropping.

She served on the institute council and strengthened her testimony of the gospel through participating in her ward and institute.

And she developed great friendships along the way.

But NOW she's done!

DSC02092 DSC02085

Way to go girl!  You made it through and you will be an amazing RN.  You already care very compassionately for so many people in your life.  You are a great example.

I'm so pleased with all your efforts and accomplishments.

Love you tons!

And now another adventure is just around the corner . . .

 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_07.jpg  photo s_10.jpg