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Monday, June 17, 2013

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey . . . .

Packing makes me nostalgic . . . I think I've mentioned that before . . .

Our shipment to Honduras got off and hopefully will arrive with all parts intact once Norm and I arrive in the country.  The previous President Veirs and his wife didn't receive their shipment for two months!!  I might be in trouble . . .

Since you can't ship any type of food product I have to carry my three year supply of chocolate (JK) in my suitcase . . . which means less room for clothing!  (Only sort of just kidding!)

But we are doing a bunch of rearranging and shuffling of stuff from closet to garage to make more closet space and kitchen cupboard space available for Kelsie and her soon to arrive roommate.

So once again, I mention that packing makes me nostalgic . . . I just kept touching some of my favorite things and thinking in my head . . . "don't go anywhere, I'll return for you one of these days".  I'm really not a worldly possession type individual truly I'm not, but it just happens that I have surrounded myself with treasures that remind me of family, precious grandparents, childhood memories, family history, courage and great character of those who have come before.  Unfortunately, they will have to wait at home for us to return.

So I just had to share one last photo of some of my favorite scenes . . . that I will miss being inspired by everyday.  No worries though . . . instead we'll be inspired daily by our 135 currently serving young men and sisters!

(and the big camera is packed and shipped - so pardon the cell phone photos!)

My tiny little Grandma's little rocking chair.  
It sits at the side of my bed and I love it!

An ancient pocketbook of verse
that my Dad used to read all sorts of poetry to us when we were tiny little tikes.
And the autobiography of our ancestor - 
Parley P. Pratt

A favorite dried bouquet, 
the oldest book in my possession
"The Waverly Novels" by Sir. Walter Scot
published in 1868.
And my grandfathers ancient ancient typewriter which I still
remember his using all the time!

The hand carved scroll
from my Grandparents dining room chairs.


One of my most treasured items . . .
An amazingly intact regulator clock.

Just a glimpse at my a tiny portion of my bookshelf collection.

Totally self explanatory :)

Just a couple of the collected aprons.

Besides the "Water" pitcher that is mostly symbolic to me,
the tiny little hymn book is probably one of the first ever published Missionary Hymnbooks.
(it's actually small enough, I just may tuck it into my bag:)


(Ah Paris . . . probably self explanatory)


a few pottery bowls - made by hand 
by true potters.  Just a visual favorite . . .

My button collection . . .
I don't suppose I'll have any need for my button collection . . .
It's used mostly for craft projects these days - but it is treasured.  I have
some prrretttty amazing buttons :)

It will be interesting to see what I post as my 
"Sentimental Journey"
as we prepare to return in three years.

I'm sure it will also be 
very interesting.


Kevin Beckstrom said...

Good luck! It's gonna be awesome!

Sue said...

These treasures were fun to see, and they will be fun for YOU to see when you get home!


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