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Monday, June 17, 2013

First Glimpse . . . Mission home

Just thought I would share . . .

First glimpse of the mission home . . . San Pedro Sula East Mission

4 days!  It's coming up quickly!
Saturday we head for the MTC, bringing all our suitcases with us. Wednesday, July 26 we leave for Honduras.

I think we're almost ready :)


*K said...

I am pretty sure you meant JUNE 26th. July is just wishful thinking. :-) Is this a new house or the one the current president is living in? It looks very nice. You have so many wonderful adventures awaiting you!! If you keep a blog or write a letter, please include me. I am so eager to hear about everything.

Best of luck!! (And you will LOVE the MTC!! We had such a wonderful time there last year.)

*K said...

Oops--I didn't realize I was in my daughter's account. The above was written by Lori Wagner.

Andrea said...

So exciting!!!

Momza said...

Wonderful news! THanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear of your adventures as missionaries!

Sue said...

It looks very welcoming!


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