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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome! Another RN to the family :D

She's done!

I remember 4 years ago when Kelsie graduated from high school . . . . the next thing on her list (AND she was SO determined!) was to get accepted into nursing school and become an RN.

Who would have guessed four years ago what a challenge THAT goal would be, and how much determination and desire would be necessary to actually bring it to pass.

There were times when I wondered if she would change her area of focus to take an easier path, or find a field that was less competitive to get into.  But there was never anything else for her . . .

I remember the files of paperwork as she gathered information for every nursing school in the State of Utah!  Each with their slightly different requirements, expectations, necessary prerequisites . . . what a challenge!  And keep in mind that Kelsie was a great student!  Her GPA was a 3.75 . . . not too shabby!

DSC02119 av DSC02125 DSC02123

But unfortunately at the time, pretty much a 4.0 was required to get into many of the schools.  Not because that was their requirement, but that was the GPA's of many of the students applying.

But not to give up . . . she was determined to keep applying and knew she would be accepted somewhere.  Little did she know the first school to admit her was going to be Utah State Eastern located in Price, UT.  What a change from Rexburg Idaho where she was currently studying.


And now here we are!  She not only survived the move from Rexburg to Price but thrived!  Besides her nursing skills she became proficient in many small town pass times such as fishing, target practice (watch out guys . . . she has a gun and she knows how to use it!) and train trestle TV dropping.

She served on the institute council and strengthened her testimony of the gospel through participating in her ward and institute.

And she developed great friendships along the way.

But NOW she's done!

DSC02092 DSC02085

Way to go girl!  You made it through and you will be an amazing RN.  You already care very compassionately for so many people in your life.  You are a great example.

I'm so pleased with all your efforts and accomplishments.

Love you tons!

And now another adventure is just around the corner . . .



Mommason Hillary said...

I am so totally thrilled with this post - how very proud I am of her. She's a beauty - and a smart one to boot! Takes after her wonderful mom - who is an exceptional nurse in every way. CONGRATS!!!

Sue said...

What a wonderful accomplishment. She looks like such a great girl. Congratulations to her...

and to you guys, too!


Skeller said...

Congrats to Kelsie - this world needs excellent nurses - glad to have another one!

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