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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nature Adventure . . . amidst the Theme Parks


With all the many and varied activities available in the Orlando area . . .

We didn't anticipate that we would like our
Nature Adventure

as much or more than the theme parks!

We were so fortunate during May to gather the kids, their spouses
and the grandbabies to the Orlando area for a fun family reunion.

We don't all get to be in one place at the same time very often. So when we do it's always such fun to visit someplace we haven't been to before.  This summer it is Orlando.   I have much more to share but thought I'd begin with some of the photos from our


It was with the Kissammee Swamp Tour group about 30 minutes south of Orlando.
DSC02845 DSC02841

They put us in two separate boats, each with our own unique
and fun tour guide and boat navigator.

Each person has a set of headphones so you can hear the tour guide
above the noise of the boats.  It's lots of fun as you can hear the guide
and ask questions as you go along and each person can hear everyone else.

DSC02840 DSC02831

Even the babies had a wonderful experience  - Jonathan promptly 
fell asleep and slept throughout the whole ride.

Greg had always wanted to have the opportunity to see a bald eagle . . .

Well . . .
Check that one off your bucket list cause,

He got to see several of them!  And pretty up close also.
They were pretty majestic looking!

DSC02787 DSC02794 DSC02708
These are sandhill cranes.
A Roseate Spoonbill . . .
And of course - 
We saw lots of these!
DSC02780 DSC02740
Our tour boat operators went out of their way to be sure we
saw LOTS of these . . .


These just happen to be baby ones, but we saw the big ones too!

If you get a chance, don't miss an airboat tour in Florida.

Pretty amazing scenes!


mCat said...

My first thought was "did you see alligators?!"

The swamp tour actually looks fun!

Sue said...

What great pics! We went on a swamp tour with our whole family, too, a couple of years ago.

A great time was had by all!


Skeller said...

ohmygoodness!! what a gift to have everyone together for such a neat vacation!

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