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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because of Him . . .

I have been charmed, mesmerized, enchanted, inspired . . . in my moments of free time this week with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
theme on all the social media sites this week . . . 

I can't see the end of this week come without sharing . . .

Everything that is good, everything that is wonderful, everything that brings joy into my life is

Because of Him

Every talent that I have, every good friend that nurtures,  every family member that is my greatest treasure . . . is

Because of Him

Every beautiful scene that I capture, every animal creature that roams the earth, every act of kindness, love and support received is . . .

Because of Him

The answer to every prayer, every moment of peace, each purpose
that fills my day,

Because of Him

Why else would anyone leave the comfort of home and family, a beautiful life filled to the brim with blessings each day, loved family, loved friends and neighbors, a life of comfort, a fulfilling job, giving up a business that was the creation of a lifetime, every modern convenience you can imagine, beautiful grand babies who filled their grand parents days with such wonder . . .

and in exchange,

 travel away from home and loved ones and dedicate three years in service, 24 x7 days a week in voluntary service to the Lord and his servants here in a foreign land very different from the one we are accustom to?


Because of Him.

Because of a lifetime of blessings received.

Because of Him.

I find it remarkable this Easter season the amazing capacity to reach out and touch our friends and neighbors with our testimonies of the Savior, as well as those scattered across the world who are actively seeking the knowledge of the Savior in their lives.  We see each day those who are prepared beforehand for our missionaries message, one of peace, joy and the blessings of eternal life.  

Many are actively seeking and we are here to share that message.  Many find hope and comfort in their trials, answers to their long awaited prayers, through the peace the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  

I'm including links to the amazing technology that we have seen this year to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ones that have reached out and touched me, and I know many others around the world.  There have been several that truly have touched my heart.  You'll find them all linked and connected in the post and hope they also uplift and inspire you and bless your life in someway as they have mine.

Happy Easter.

Happy celebration . . . that

He is Risen.

Two other #BecauseofHim thoughts worth sharing - 

I also agree with every word shared and blogged by this:

Middleaged Mormon Man

Some choose to believe that this world is all there is – that it happened by some fluke, a coincidence.
Some choose to believe that there is no Supreme Being – no God, nor Creator. No one.
Some choose to believe that we are random – merely here “because.”
Some choose to believe that life is about getting what you can get – and the only rules are those society fabricates for itself.
Some choose to believe that Jesus was a myth – a fantasy conjured up by desperate people.
Some choose to believe there could have been a Jesus – who was a pretty good teacher and philosopher.
Some choose to believe that when they die, it is all over. Forever.
Some choose to believe that they will spend their lives forging bonds with loved ones that will be destroyed at death – never to see their departed loved ones again.
Some choose to believe that they are forever broken – beyond repair.
Some choose to believe that life is a continual struggle – eventually resulting in eternal nothingness.
Some people choose to believe that life is darkness, and meaningless.
Some people choose doubt and fear.

I can’t do that.
I choose to believe.
I choose to believe that there is a God, who is the Father of my Spirit. And He loves me.
I choose to believe that everything around us, including us, is part of His design for our eternal happiness.
I choose to believe that He has established a way of living that can ensure our return home to Him.
I choose to believe that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth, to show us that way of living.
I choose to believe that Jesus Christ was more than a teacher or philosopher. He came as the Savior of all mankind. Amazingly, that includes me.
I choose to believe that He willingly gave His life, and came alive again, clothed in glory and immortality.
I choose to believe that because of this, Jesus broke the chains of death, and that every person that has lived on this earth will be reunited with their body – clothed in glory and immortality.
I choose to believe that I will again see my mother, father, brother who left this life years ago. We will be reunited.
I choose to believe that even though I am broken, I am not beyond repair – the Savior can mend me through the power of His great atoning sacrifice.
I choose to believe that the pain, anguish, bitterness, suffering, grief, guilt and horrors of this life can be swallowed up by His atoning sacrifice – if I am but willing to accept His offer.
I choose to believe that life can be filled with joy and light. The light which chases away the darkness.
I choose to believe that there is a point to this life. A meaning.
I choose to believe in hope.
I choose to believe that hope, joy, meaning and light only exist because of, and through, my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I choose to praise Him, and worship Him.

Jesus the Consolator
Jesus the Consolator – Karl Bloch

And this - an incredibly inspiring work by:

Susan Noyes Anderson

The Man of Galilee

 ©2010 Susan Noyes Anderson
Gethsemane brought Jesus to His knees.
Remove this cup from me,” He dared to ask.
His humble prayer, “Thy will, not mine, be done,”
allowed no respite from the fearsome task.
 Then Judas branded Jesus with a kiss
and set in motion all that was to be.
For silver, he gave up a heart of gold,
betraying Christ, the Man of Galilee.
 In lesser ways, His friends forsook Him, too.
Could ye not watch with me one hour?” He pled.
But sleep earned their devotion more than He
who slumbered, once, within a manger bed.
 They loved Him, but they failed to understand,
though He had warned them clearly, in His way.
When Peter struck and smote a Roman’s ear,
Christ healed the grievous wound without delay.
 For He would bow Himself beneath us all
and heal the wounds by our own sins laid bare.
The day had come; just One could pay the price
for every soul whose burden He would share.
 The great and dreadful reckoning was nigh…
the final act for which He had been born:
when love would overcome the bonds of death
and mercy be returned for hate and scorn.
Meekly, Christ gave Himself into the hands
of greedy men who hungered for His life.
His goodness and His honor mocked them all
and flayed their sanctimony like a knife.
 Abusing Him in body, mind and soul,
His people judged Him blasphemer, not King.
They looked to Roman rule to kill their Lord
by means that promised untold suffering…
 To crucify, not stone, the very One
whose agony would save them from their own.
What irony that He, to save the world,
would tread the bitter winepress all alone.
 When Pontius nor Herod would condemn,
the people chose Barabbas over Him.
Then was He scourged and stripped and crowned with thorns,
His innocence reviled from limb to limb.
 No mark of disrespect was deemed too foul,
though He accepted all with kingly grace.
No hand of kindness dried his bleeding brow;
no voice defended Him, nor pled his case.
 Instead they jeered and followed His advance
to Calvary, Golgotha also named;
Christ’s hands and feet were nailed upon the cross:
The Lamb of God, bloody but unashamed.
 The shame belonged to others––and the guilt.
Naught but a few emerged with hands still clean.Peter denied Him thrice; disciples fled.
But John was there, to grace the final scene.
 And Mary, too, and others of good heart.
Behold, thy mother!” … Christ was heard anew.
His thoughts, in death, were for another’s care.
Father, forgive…They know not what they do.”
 Oh, God, my God, hast Thou forsaken me?
In Father’s absence, Jesus had to own
the sins of all the world, without relief;
He paid the ransom for our souls, alone.
 And when, at last, He uttered, “It is finished.”
Into Thy hands, my spirit I commend.
He willfully surrendered life for love,
so mercy could serve justice, in the end.
 His followers had still not understood;
they mourned Him as if everything were lost.
Christ promised He would rise again, and yet…
they saw but darkly, torn by grief and tossed.
 The women went to honor Him once more.
An angel came; the stone was rolled away.
At first, they grieved to find His body gone
and looked upon the angel with dismay.
 Where was their Lord? Had evil men conspired
to steal the body and defile His flesh?
But when the angel spake, their fears were stilled,
despite the sting of death…the wounds, so fresh.
 “He is not here, for He is risen.” Lo,
He goeth before you into Galilee.”
Departing hence, the women saw Christ’s face
and fell before His feet on bended knee.
 In glory, He appeared to His disciples
and bade them touch His hands and feet and side.
Their minds and hearts were pierced, deeply as He was,
for truth had been revealed and sanctified.
 His resurrection meant that Death was vanquished.
The door was opened wide; He held the key.
His sacrifice atoned for all God’s children,
from Eve and Adam…through eternity.
 Christ’s gift to us is sacred and enduring:
His saving blood, the only peace we find.
In word and deed, forever we’ll revere Him––
The Lamb of God, Redeemer of mankind!
 ”…I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me,
though he were dead, yet shall he live.” -John 11:25

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Sue said...

I have LOVED the Because of Him effort. And thanks for posting my poem.


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