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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Random things I've Been Thinking this Week . . .

Since arriving in a third world country . . .

Things have changed just a bit for us!  Not quite as much one might think since we have many of the everyday comforts we are used to - thank you to excellent facilities management people here in Honduras.

But still . . .

I can't help but think . . .

1 - I can't turn on hot water without being especially grateful!
         I've had to take very few cold showers since we arrived here in the country . . . but what I can say is they are not very pleasant experiences.  I feel for the missionaries serving out there who never get warm showers every time I turn on my tap and the hot water comes out!            

2 - I'm especially grateful for running water period!
           Ditto - for the running water . . . I've been to homes of missionaries who occasionally have  running water, missionaries who never have running water . . . and they survive and thrive everyday!  I have to say "Bravo for them"!  They are outstanding young men and women who never complain.  I'm not sure I would be the same.

3 - I'm very grateful for toilets that flush!  And flush well!
         Ditto - for the flushing toilets . . . I can't believe how many people in this country, including the missionaries have to carry in water buckets daily to keep in the bathrooms to flush the toilets.  I'm so grateful I have a toilet that flushes.

4 - My poor shoes are already suffering after just a month in the country!
           Man . . . these dirt roads and lots of walking are difficult on the shoes!  I thought I was prepared but I really didn't anticipate the beating your shoes take in this country.  I'm hoping Zappos delivers in Honduras!

5 - I've been spoiled to have my own car for the last 40 years!
            WE are a one car family - we haven't had to plan and coordinate to share a car for our whole married life.  I guess I have been pretty spoiled . . . the difficulty here is I can't just walk to the store.  Nope . . can't do that . . . so its been a bit of a challenge but we're figuring things out.

6 - I don't know what we would do without the generator the church provides for us!
            Really . . . seriously??? Can the power go out really at least two times a day!  I wondered why there were candles in all the drawers in the house . . . but they must be leftover from the pre-generator years here in the mission home!  I have to reset the clocks on the stove and microwave constantly before I can use them . . . but at least I can use them :)

7 - It's a little disconcerting not to have all my usual doctors and dentists near by . . .
            I've been taking sick missionaries to doctors, to dentists, to hospitals etc for all kinds of things . . .  labwork, ultrasounds, doctor appointments, dental appointments . . . and while it's all working out quite well . . . I sure miss having my regular doctors and dentists available whenever I need them!

8 - Currently I can't speak English or Spanish well . . .
              I think my brain, my tongue and my head are confused . . . that just about explains it.

9 - A little Chocolate is a great coping skill!
              I'm sooooo glad I brought some great chocolate in suitcase.  Thank you Laurie - for the Kara's, I think I would curl up and die without it :D

10 - Being in the car and going anywhere - is frequently terrifying!
              I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but truly every time we go out anyplace at least a crazy flash of fear crosses my mind that in this most dangerous of countries  - the MOST dangerous thing is the buses and cars careening down the streets avoiding the huge potholes, dodging the dogs and pedestrians, the horse pulled carts that pull out in front of you when you're going 50 miles an hour.

11 - Netflix is a great coping skill :)
             I'm not a huge TV watcher . . . really I'm not, but I just miss turning on the TV and hearing someone speaking English . . .  I miss the morning news . . . I have no idea what's going on anywhere in the world!!  My new favorites are CBS and Netflix . . . at least for a few minutes when I have time :)

12 - My cute little part time housekeeper makes blogging possible  . . .
           Blogging is certainly one of my "optional" activites, right behind taking sick calls from missionaries, studying Spanish and Preach my Gospel, writing talks, talking to doctors, responding to emails, teaching basic health prevention strategies a million times a day, preparing training for missionaries, preparing for speaking assignments, researching speaking assignments, the list goes on.  At the end of a long day . . . I'm so grateful to come home to a clean house - it gives me a few minutes a day to upload photos, and work on the blog.  I'm so grateful!

13 - I've never been so comfortable talking about diarrhea . . .
              and ingrown toenails, fungal infections, vomiting and athlete's foot
             but I draw the line at testicle problems . . . that's one for El Presidente!

14 - Everytime I turn on lights in the middle of the night - I'm always grateful if there aren't bugs scurrying around!
Once upon a time my best friend and I traveled to Mexico and stayed with a lovely family there in a beautiful home!  One night in the middle of the night we headed to the kitchen for a midnight snack . . . wow!  Did those bugs all scatter fast as we turned on the kitchen light . . . I keep expecting it to happen again - and breath a sigh of relief every single time I turn on the lights at night when the bugs are no where in sight!  What a blessing!

15 - I'm getting kind of fond of my cute little missionary tag.
           It took a little bit of time to get used to wearing a missionary tag and wondering why everyone had questions for me or slightly sideways looks for us . . . but now we love it!  We love having the opportunity to greet everyone and explain that we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and asking if they have heard of the Mormon church or seen our missionaries.  It's a great ice breaker :)

16 - I'm grateful for the accomplishments and the progress of every single day!
           One thing we've discovered is it's just one continual round of one BIG thing after another.  I'm super grateful for each day that goes by where things get done, offices get organized, transfers get planned, meals get cooked, events get organized, meals get planned, things get fixed, talks get written, lessons get printed, cookies get baked.  I'm grateful every day!

17 - LDSAccess is one of my new favorites
                  When you're waiting in a hot church for hours while your husband is doing interviews . . . LDSAccess is a beautiful thing :)

18 - A playlist I created four years ago for a young missionary is simply incredible.
               I have to share this playlist - I think it's perfect for just about any missionary!
               Click here - for a link to the list of songs

19 - I think I need my own office . . .
               When El Presidente is working at the office . . . . I completely take over his home office . . . when he comes home I have to totally rearrange all my stuff!  If he's working at home, I use the kitchen table . . . when we eat I have to totally arrange all my stuff!  When we're at the mission office . . . I use the extra table in El Presidente's office . . . when he needs privacy I have to totally rearrange all my stuff!  No wonder . . . I struggle with organization :)

20 - After living in a dessert all my life . . . I'm kinda likin' the humidity
                 I don't miss the dry skin - enough said.


Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, I can so relate to what you are writing about. After my first mission to Ecuador I have never had a day in my life when I haven't appreciated hot running water!! (We didn't have any water in my first area) Also your comment about one big thing after another--I know what you mean there too, and then you get to do it all over again! :-)

Do you really take the missionaries to the doctor and dentist? Can't they go by themselves? What about the ones who live farther away? I do have to say though that the medical is the bane of my existence. It is so constant and right now EVERYONE is positive they have Dengue so I am getting constant calls.

And about not having a study area . . . I with you on that one as well. I don't have anywhere to do my studying and preparing. I do have a pile of messes in my bedroom that stays there. When I am home that is where I normally am, but sometimes I am in the dining room and at the office I am just on the couch with stuff spread out on the coffee table.

So--feeling your joy and your pain . . . :-) Sure sounds like you are doing great though!

Momza said...

Oh how I am hopeful I get the opportunity to serve a mission someday. What a crazy hard adventure! And while you make it sound challenging, it also seems you are just going with the flow and making the best of it and being a blessing to the people you're serving around. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of mission life, it's interesting to follow you along.

Sue said...

This was so much fun to read and interesting as can be. Sounds like you are adjusting well.


tammy said...

Oh wow. I just became thankful for a lot of the things I take for granted! #13 made me laugh. Glad you have a housekeeper so you have time to blog and journal your experiences!

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