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Recently returned from serving the people of Honduras for 3 years

Friday, July 26, 2013

AND it's amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!


We had some exceptional visits with the wonderful Branch
of the Church here on the island of Roatan.

Beautiful scenery aside . . . it was one of our favorite visits to a Branch since our arrival in Honduras.  We were so warmly welcomed by the members there . . . they were so happy to see us and and each person wanted to shake our hands and have an opportunity to say hello.

We had an opportunity to speak and share our testimonies in sacrament meeting and share our enthusiasm for the missionary work that is occurring at this time.  Bless the 
hearts of these people, they work so hard to get their attendance to increase so they
can meet their goal to become a ward by the end of the year.

Just wanted to refer you all to the couple currently serving
in the 
San Pedro Sula WEST mission . . .

They served for several months here on this island and truly made
a difference!

And now we could really use another
Senior couple . . .

in this beautiful place . . .

Take a look at some of their experiences here.

We know . . .

It's a hard job.

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Sue said...

Absolutely gorgeous....and not just the scenery!


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