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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's up with all those Mormon Temples anyway?

What's up with all those Mormon temples anyway?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has become more recognizable as time goes on.  The Church has been recognized in the media for its dedication to family values, interest in local leadership, importance of education . . . and also it's many temples scattered throughout the world today.

Since members of our Church who have been recommended by their religious leaders are those permitted inside the temples, they have become somewhat a  mystery to the outside world as to what goes on inside the temple.  They are our church's most sacred form of worship, education and covenant making.

Eternal families are created

We know through revealed revelation from our prophets that family's are indeed sacred.  We believe families can live together forever and family relationships can persist beyond this life.  Some of our most joy filled experiences in this life revolve around family relationships.  Likewise, the loss of our family members to death causes some of life's most difficult heartaches.

Thus, family members who accept the atonement of Jesus Christ and commit to follow his example can be together forever by making sacred covenants with God in the temples.  It's through our temples that eternal families are formed.

There's a delightful video to help those who haven't experienced being inside a temple understand more about the temple and the sacred worship and covenants made inside.

Just wanted to share it with you all!!


Valerie Hannan-Beattie said...

Hello, I am going for my 1st temple visit in 2 weeks time and I am SO excited. Thanks for this post, I may be linking to it on my own blog after my visit if thats ok :)

Sue said...

Excellent post on temples!


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