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Thursday, November 18, 2010

It all Starts and ends with Family . . .

“Other things may change us, but we start and
end with family.”
–Anthony Brandt

One of my favorite quotes!

So it's not surprising that I was ecstatic to be invited to Dustin and Cami's home
in Raleigh NC for a long weekend!

Not only was it

to visit with them

But the Fall colors were just coming on in Raleigh!

You'll get a glimpse in these photos I managed to capture

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a700 026 kk

Dustin & Cami
(after lunch at a cute little Mexican food restaurant
in Wake Forest)

a700 068 kk

Love this photo!
Gonna be my new notecards for this season :)

a700 070 kk
This one too! 
Can I just take these gorgeous trees back to
with me??

a700 080 kk
I didn't run into any wild animals in the forest,
but I did spy this little thing keeping a close eye on me.

a700 105 kk

Oh wait . . .
Do squirrels count as 'wild creatures'?
I'm sure people think I'm nuts taking a million photos of all the squirrels . . .

a700 126 kk
Please . . . please . . .
pretty please . . .
Come back to Utah with me!
I promise to feed and take care of you!!


Greg and Karianne said...

Whoa it's very pretty there! Where did all our leaves go?

Sue said...

Just beautiful! And I love the quote, too.


Elaine said...

Beautiful quote. Beautiful pictures :)

I grew up on the east coast and wherever I go I miss the trees.


Ann Mitchell said...


Rachel Elizabeth said...

These came out great! I aspire to take pictures this beautiful someday.

PS: Newest follower from MBC

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Those are beautiful photos! I wish we had leaves like that near my house. :)

Andrea said...


M-Cat said...

It looks gorgeous! I was hoping for a visit to NC early next year, but it looks like it will be Maryland instead!

tammy said...


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