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Monday, December 6, 2010

Whatcha ma call it! ~~ Benign Deprivation ~~

Sooooo . . .
That's what you call it!

My husband and I have always had this deep and abiding principle
down deep in our hearts
that we've tried to adhere to throughout our years
of child raising

We never could quite put  words to it,
and sometimes we were VERY tempted
to stray . . .

Like when my daughter was graduating from high school
and all the OTHER friends were getting new cars
full rides to college . . .

Like when the boys wanted the lastest and greatest
new gaming systems . . .

Yesterday I learned a NEW principle
the principle of
Benign Deprivation
(try saying that 3 times fast:)
for the complete principle
see my Wool Gathering sidebar

and I can honestly say that over the years
it's a principle
"that has made all the difference"

there is much to be learned through
hard work and obedience
"doing it on their own"

overcoming difficulty at school,
with peers,
financial problems . . .

It's a good thought
to remember . . .

at Christmas time . . .

(I just had to throw some chocolate in there somewhere!)


blueviolet said...

I couldn't agree with you more, and the best thing is that the kids see it too. They are more appreciative and aware of being financially responsible.

Momza said...

oh how I learned this lesson long ago:
the kids do better in college if they're the ones paying for it.
they take better care of their cars if they've paid for them.
their self-bought possessions are cherished far and above whatever Mom and Dad have paid for too!
they're wiser with their own money and where it goes than with anyone else's!

So true!

Kirsty said...

We have lived by this principle too and it is working out well for us so far. Good to know that it has been so successful for you :)

Sue said...

Hear, hear! My husband and I subscribe to this parenting method wholeheartedly. And our kids have reaped the benefits.

As adults, they are remarkably level-headed about their spending.


tammy said...

I couldn't agree more!

M-Cat said...

Amen! Looking bad, Splenda and I should have practiced this principle much more often!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am so with you there!! Although we actually pay their tuition but we don't pay for anything else. They are expected to work during school and all summer to pay for housing, living and car expenses. Most of the time my daughters have been the only ones in their apartments who have had jobs. This past year there have been more though. I think the economy has made it more difficult for parents to foot the entire bill. Which I think is a good thing. Working for what you get is much more rewarding.

Susan said...

Amen - to the chocolate and all the rest!

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