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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Current Events (at least according to me . . .)

I'm so tired of looking at my most recent blog post . . .

But NO time to get it updated!!

Only because we have been having TOO much fun around here and when I do have some time it's editing photos, editing photos, editing photos . . .

SoOooOoo . . .

as an EASY Peasey blog post - here's MY latest and greatest current events
(like you always wanted to know, I'm sure:)

~~ Bought something absolutely NEW and FUN for my daughter for her 20th birthday today
(stay tuned . . . I can't ruin the surprise just yet)

~~ Temple today was lovely - I so wish I could bring that peace back home . . .

~~ BABY shower this weekend - I'm so excited . . . due in 11 DAYS!
(isn't this invitation darling??)

~~ This week - making darling cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and Oreo cookie balls for shower

~~ FINALLY - reading "Breaking Dawn" hmmm . . . not quite sure what I think just yet . . .

~~ Yawn . . . toooooo tired today, that's what happens when we stay up late watching
"Meet Joe Black" (clearplay!!!)  beginning at 11pm last night

~~ I REALLY am starting my diet again tomorrow! Need to drop a quick 5#
(anyone want to join me??)

~~ Ah, my favorite freshly laundered sheets on the bed tonight - HEAVENLY! I do so LOVE 'em!

~~ I'm just about to head to the new splash pad and watch all the little neighborhood kids running around in their swimsuits and having a ball - anyone want to send your toddler?  I think I'll just lounge with "Breaking Dawn" in my lounge chair.

~~ Cleaned the patio yesterday and put up the patio umbrellas, filled the hummiingbird feeders, hung the bird feeders with new seed, admired the 20 newly potted flower pots - BRING on the SUMMER!
(I feel so much better now!)

~~ It definitely is NOT warm enough yet here in UTAH, I can take the heat :)

And last but not least . . .

Just changed out of my dress clothes into something more comfortable . . .
my favorite orange hoodie
and these TO DIE FOR cute shoes
I brought back from Paris with me last year - aren't they fantastic??


I know what you're thinking . . . my life is just too exciting isn't it :D



ReimFam said...

Bummer! I wish I was in town for the shower! i'll be there in spirit! ;)

Jackie said...

I have two toddlers who would LOVE to join you at the splash pad!

Good luck with the new baby at your house soon! Can't wait to hear about it!

Andrea said...

Sounds exciting to me!

Sue said...

Actually, I WAS thinking that your life is exciting right now...so much great stuff going on!

And those shoes are the frosting on top!!


Joy For Your Journey said...

Your life does sound exciting!! And very fulfilling. Best of all, you get to experience it in cute shoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

I shoulda read this one earlier and sent CHloee to the swim pad. You did offer for toddlers : )

And I'm wondering if you made it into Red Corner China diner. I went in there last night, and he asked me if I had a friend named Kristin from my blog world. : )


Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

I love reading of your happy moments. A blessed life indeed. A blessed life with AWESOME orange shoes and an AWESOME grandbaby set to arrive soon. Can't wait for the "I'm a grandma!!!" post and pictures!

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