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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's a Girl!

Pretty exciting news around our home this weekend.

had their big
on Monday
now the good news is out.

It's a girl!

its a girl

You can read more about the event
and see more 
ultrasound photos
over at Greg and Karianne's place

Monday, January 24, 2011

When I have the time . . .

When I have time I love to share some free photoshop advice over on my 


where one of our recent Paris trip photos goes from this:

original SOOC

to this:



Thursday, January 20, 2011

When it Comes to Giveaways . . .

Hello you all -

When it comes to giveaways, it's not that I'm opposed to the concept in general, I just DO NOT have time to enter giveaways.  Although there are a few from time to time that I just can't pass up.

So if I'm blogging about it here
you know it's something really valuable.

The sweet author of this wonderful book is a cute neighbor of mine here in Alpine!

And I am DYING to read this book.

Just wanted to let you all know.
You might want to follow my links over to Anne Bradshaw and enter the giveaway for yourself.
or just head on over to Amazon and pick up
the Original or the Kindle version

Friday, January 14, 2011

Those . . . COLD . . . Utah winters!

Oh WHAT do YOU do in the Wintertime?

Our favorite winter activity is to head to
Grandma and Grandpa's cabin in the Uintahs!

It's not exactly warm up there . . . nope, not even close!

In fact we have to ride the snowmobiles in,
(or snowshoe, or cross country ski, or hike)

shovel snow away from the front door to get inside
build a fire, gather water from the spring,

but once we're there - ahhhhh - it's soooo relaxing!

brrrr . . . .

But we have a great time playing in the snow!

a300jan9 159

a300jan9 064

a300jan9 286

Picnik collage

a300jan9 196

a300jan9 252

Simpy amazing - huh!

a300jan9 082

(just had to throw this one in as well, it's one of my favorites :)

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes . . . 

when I receive inspiration I've been seeking

I just have to 

right out loud 

"Thank you Heavenly Father"

can't even help myself :)

From Some of my Best

I'm just sayin . . .

Saturday, January 1, 2011

two thousand ten favorites . . .

Heard round the Alpine Klein Bunch Christmas tree for 2010 -

Karianne & Greg:  OooooOoo!  Look our baby is the size of a lemon now . . .  such a cute little lemon . . .

Norm . . . . (holding up a Droid)  what is this?  What do you do with it?  Can you talk on the telephone with it?

Kelsie:  This will be soooo perfect for Africa.  Wait, I can't take luggage THIS nice to AFRICA! ??

Cory - I LOVE my new job and I soooooo MISS going to school everyday!  NOT!!
and Sara:  4.0  . . . 4.0 . . . 4.0   yay!!

(and by telephone - Dustin & Cami)  we have the sister missionaries coming for lunch today!  Our kitties love their zhu zhu pets :)

We're ever so grateful that this year we may yet bring Norm into the 21st century with a phone you can do something besides just talk on . . .
so grateful that Kelsie is home currently after completing her associates degree at BYUI and preparing for a humanitarian service trip to Tanzania in February, so grateful that Cory just finished his bachelors degree in December in Computer Engineering AND has a wonderful new job with complete benefits for he and Sara, so grateful that Sara is a wonderful student and such a darling addition to our family this year, so grateful that Dustin and Cami are safe and sound and happy though far away in Raleigh NC, with jobs they enjoy and many opportunities to love and serve in the gospel in Raleigh, with MUCH warmer temperatures than what were experiencing here in Utah.
And sooooo grateful that this year we are expecting our first Grandbaby.  Greg is convinced it's a boy, the rest of us are thinking pink.

And me, JUST mE tHe Mom, so grateful that I survived my first year as the Relief Society President, that (knock knock knock on wood!!) currently all is well . . .  I'm surrounded by wonderful family and friends that love, encourage and inspire me.  I just may make it through this next year also :)

and . . .  looking back at some of my favorite photos of the year

Keep in mind, not my best photos of the year necessarily
 . . . but my favorite photos . . .

Day 1 Willow
I can never resist a pussy willow in the spring
just want to reach out an hug'em!

Love my book group . . . 
without them, I'd miss out on some fabulous books . . .

Nicole J Apr'10 295

Just so stinkin' cute
I LOVE those boots!

What is there NOT to like
about this photo
I'll treasure it always . . .

And this one is special to me
'cause it's ME

Awwwww . . . i love girl trips . . .

Montparnasse train
and this one just turned out cool
'cause I was lucky . . .


That's my guy
We so love to have fun at Powell . . .

I think this stowaway
is just the cutest thing!

You'd almost think we 
color coordinated . . .

but nope . . .

I do NOT know WHAT their doing . . .

 . . . but it's AWFULLY cute!

MM2010 094 sun
My cute neighbor
our gorgeous Alpine poppies

B a700 188 cust
hmmmm . . . 
maybe I just WISH I had those legs :)

Raleigh, NC

It's worth the trip . . .

March 2010 kk4
Being a mountain person,
I'm always fascinated by the seascapes . . .

March 2010 kk
And these sea birds . . .
can't get enough of them!

When Utah looks like this,
I really just curl up and stay in . . .

a700 068 kk
just plain gorgeous . . .

jApril 2 010

This little critter just hangs around outside
my window . . .

begging for more birdseed . . .

And that's my FAVORITES of the year
from behind the camera lens.

 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_07.jpg  photo s_10.jpg