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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Loving our new Townhouse . . .

I've been wanting to share some photos from our new town home which we are enjoying so much!  It's been an overwhelming year this year with all the many projects . . .

painting, carpeting
moving, packing
unpacking, moving again
more paint, installing lights and fans,
tile, carpet, paint,
more moving . . .
more unpacking . . .

it's been like one big never ending project!

But finally . . . we are getting settled and loving it!

I'm planning on sharing photos of our new town home a little bit here and a little bit there as I have time . . . (trying desperately to get all my Pickled Pepper Photography projects caught up before Christmas!)

So . . .

Without further ado . . .

Here's the entry and the office!

The townhome is laid out on three floors (Yes! We love the stairs!)

The entry opens up into a small foyer with the office on the left and the stairway on the right.  Another door opens into a large closet for storage underneath the stairway, and the opposite door opens up into the garage.

(Which I suppose I should include in the tour at a latter date also - as Norm has done an awesome job with it!)


I've been
decking the halls this week!

entry 2

Come on in!



We knew the office would be a small room so we
gave much thought to what we needed it to include . . .
We wanted a built in bookshelf (we have A LOT of books!)
and a built in desk, so the furniture wouldn't take up any additional floor space.


Conan likes to hang out in the office with me while I'm working :)

office 1

office 6

We wanted additional seating should anyone want to have a conversation
here while the living areas were occupied, so we found a small bistro set with a table
and two chairs on Overstock.com - it's one of my favorite places!
Also - the desk has a glass top laid down upon it - that way I can have some
of my most favorite momentos right beneath my workspace.  It reminds me
of some of our family's most special times . . .
When I'm not working (on two computers at the same time - which is frequent 
while editing photos) the file cabinets slide in underneath the desk so as 
to be out of the way.  Otherwise they make a great additional surface to spread out on.

office 5DSC09247


Some of our favorite artwork (on the wall) from a great friend
who is much more talented than we are!  They are precious to us and 
we like to keep them close by.

The office also functions as an additional guest space.
When needed - we move the chairs out of the way and have room
for a couple mats and sleeping bags for the younger visitors :)

stairway 1

Stairway leading to the living room and kitchen area on the next floor above.


office 4

Thanks for stopping by . . .
And here's one last look . . .


Come back soon . . . I'll try to photograph the kitchen and living areas soon :)


mCat said...

Oh so beautiful! Not gonna lie, I am more than a little covetous. But as much as I envy, I am happy for you!

Sue said...

It all looks bright and cozy!


tammy said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see more photos.

Calvin Mordarski said...

It’s beautiful, and it should be perfect for your family! The brightness of the environment is very inviting. No need to do some house warming ‘cos it’s already cozy in there. The office even looks more like a craft room to me, if not for the PC. It must be nice to work there, with the very light atmosphere. :] Congrats! By the way, have you finished all the home projects by now?

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