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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking Through our Window . . .

One really unusual and quirky thing about me . . .

That I bet you didn't know . . .

I'm like a bug . . .

Always attracted to the light.

I love light, looking at the light, considering the light, studying the light.  With my camera, trying to capture the light (which always keeps me trying again, because seldom ((with a few exceptions)) do I ever feel like I can capture the light the way I really want to . . .)

((But that is the subject for an entirely different post once again!))

One of my favorite lights is the light from a warm home that radiates from the windows, as you stroll through city streets, neighborhoods, big cities, littie cities, sky scrapers at night . . .

And you ponder . . . what is going on behind all those warm windows of light?

Well . . .

Here's just a little glimpse into our warm window of light the last few weeks . . .

Really miss our garden and summer zucchini abundance! When I saw some at the market - I snatched it right up! Zucchini bread on the making!

Making chocolate zucchini bread . . . it's a tradition in our family.  We all love to garden.  We all have an abundance of zuchinni at this time of year.  We all make chocolate zucchini bread.  I think this family tradition was started by my grandpa Morawetz.  At least that's whose recipe we all use.  I treasure mine  . . .  all scarred with batter and oil stains from years of use.

When I ran across some fine looking zucchini at the market last week I couldn't resist buying it and stayed up late making loaf after loaf of warm chocolate zuchini bread.  Ahhhh . . . I almost felt like I was back home in my own kitchen . . .
(see recipe at the end of this chapter)

I'll take two please . . .

One of the invitations we receive frequently is to participate in the Stake Conferences of our mission here in the Honduras San Pedro Sula Est Mission.   I captured this cute photo during one of those conferences.  The excitement for missionary work after the "Hastening the Work" broadcast has been amazing.  What a blessing . . . everyone wants to be a missionary.  We are trying to help them do this as we coordinate with ward councils, speak to members, encourage our missionaries to seek the help of members.  It's an exciting time for missionary work in the church.

Throughout the Primary organization here in our mission, we see many mini missionaries in all the meetings.  Here is one of the cutest examples . . . I have many more :)


Heehehehe - this bad boy . . . he reminds me of something right out of the "wicked witch of the west" cast of characters. There are many beautiful birds here that fascinate me as I spend my early morning scripture moments on our little baclony.  This guy is not one of them . . . but I appreciate him even so.  Call me REALY quirky . . . but I have to think . . . in a country full of beautiful birds . . . what does it feel like to be the less attractive one?

A good point to ponder don't you think . . . ??


This also brings a smile to my face . . . it is so representative of the life here in Honduras.  If it wasn't for the loudpseaker attached to the 2x2 support pole, the recycled discarded office chair turned buggy seat, the barely there four rubber tires . . .

(The people here use their little carts to transport their family everywhere, sell their various wares - usually a mini market of an abundance of fruits and vegetables.  You see them on the busy city streets, clip clopping along to the sounds of cars honking and ziping by them on all sides.  I've reconciled to the fact that horses were meant to pull buggies . . . they have been doing that for a long long time.  But I don't think they were ever meant to do that with cars surrounding them on all sides.  That has to be a little disconcerting to a horse .  . .)

You'd think you went to bed and woke up in "Bonanza"!

I fully expect to see Hoss, Little Joe and Ben come around the corner any minute . . .

Wow, that really dates me doesn't it  :)

La Lima

This is actually just a glimpse at Honduras . . . a country so lovely . . . with a people so warm.  A country filled to the brim with so many struggles . . . it is indeed sad.  But we count our blessings . .. . both those we enjoy during our time of service here.  And those we have been so blessed with throughout our lives back home.

We love and miss you all!



Recipe:  Chocolate Zucchini Bread

3 eggs beaten
1 C oil
2 C sugar
Cream together

Add 2 C, grated zucchini

3 C flour, 1 tsp salt, 1tsp soda, 1/4 t baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 7 tsp cocoa
3 tsp vanilla
2 Tb softened margarine

Bake 350 - 50 min (makes  2 loaf pans) 


mCat said...

Fabulous pictures! I too, like to drive look at the warm lighted windows of homes after dark and wonder what's going on in there.....

Sue said...

This is like some wonderful kind of photo essay. So much fun to read.

And I'm attracted to light coming from family homes, too.


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