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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

THESE things have changed a bit :)

Just wanting to share that . . .

THESE things . . .

Have changed just a bit the last little while!

On September 21 - Karianne and Greg welcomed little baby Ella to the family.
We are so delighted she is here all safe and sound.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to Ohio from Honduras
and spend a week with them getting to know this precious little one.

Big sister Addison is pretty happy about her new little sister also.

Meanwhile .. .

Wedding plans continue for these two happy ones!

Kelsie and Mike

(engagement photo shoot from Chelsie Clarke Photography!)

They will be traveling to Honduras for their temple sealing in December
and we can't wait to see them :)

They also came for a visit in Ohio and we all had a wonderful reunion together!

and you can't beat 'apple picking' in Ohio!

Dustin and Cami had planned to travel to Ohio from Raleigh to
join the reunion . . . but sadly had to change their plans at the last minute!

(these photos and more can be found on their blog :)

We sure missed you!!
And hope to see you in December in Utah!
of course you are welcome to come for a visit ANYTIME
here in San Pedro Sula East Mission :)

And . . . .

if you haven't heard yet . . .

Cory and Sara are expecting a baby in the Spring.

Can't wait to hear whether
Jonny cakes will be getting a baby brother or baby sister.

Fun times ahead!

(this little guy is a UTE fan for sure . . . still sporting
his Utah hoodie!)

We feel so blessed!

We are thinking the grandbaby thing is pretty awesome :)

And . . .

As always . . .

WE seek after THESE things.


mCat said...

The grandbaby thing IS the best, and you've got some cute ones!

HolliJo said...

Oh wow congrats to Sara and Cory. I had no idea. I'm so glad you got to go spend a week with Karianne. I'm sure she appreciated it. Her little ones are so cute! We miss you guys!

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