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Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Hallow's Eve - from here to there . . .

Just a quick glance into Autumn or Fall here in Central America.  Specifially, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

And . . . actually as we look around . . . it's not much different from

Summer . . .

Just a few differetnt flowers in bloom, maybe a little more rain, or maybe a little less . . .

Here's a few of our recent photos of San Pedro Sula Honduras . . .

IMG_2940 kk
How many lucky horses get to wonder the beach
at will, and talk about a lovely view for a horse . . .

IMG_2987 kk
These were taken during a recent visit in Trujillo.
A small town on the coast, in the very farthest area that we have
missionaries currently in the misson.

IMG_2948 kk
Along the coast lines, you can find many of the Garifuna people.  The Garifuna are believed to have originated here in the mid 1600's as the intermixed and mingled descendants of a wrecked slave trader vessel from Africa.  They have many villages remaining throughout the 
northeastern coastal and island areas of Honduras, and other parts of Central America.

IMG_3008 kk

(Ever time I see this photo . . . I want to sing the Pioneer Children Sang . . . song :)

We didn't think we would be celebrating Halloween this year.  Most of the missionaries and people shared that they didn't really celebrate Halloween here.  And the Christmas decorations started to go up in the shopping areas and grocery stores about the beginning of October.  Every once in a while we saw some fun cookies or baked goods with a Fall / Autumn / Halloween colors or theme.

So we were actually delighted to get a little note on our front door saying trick or treaters would be gathering at a certain home.  Nevertheless we didn't know what to expect.  Fortunately we were prepared in the candy department since we regularly stock candy to share with missionaries, members, neighbors, friends etc.

Suddenly our home was bombarded with a melee of costumed little ones with many of their parents, and our neighbors in tow.  Norm wasted no time in inviting them ALL into the house . . . before you knew it, he was pulling out family photos, explaining our purpose in Honduras for the next three years, and sharing a message of the Temple.  Since many of them are aware of the new LDS Honduras Temple in Tegucigalpa, but don't really know what it is.

  Halloween SPSJust when we were missing all the little trick-or-treaters . . . Look who appeared at our door :)

So that is what Halloween looked like in Honduras for us!

And now . . . 
a little Halloween
from here to there.

From Denver - Colorado
Cory and Sara and our Jonny Cakes!

From Ohio
The Team Donovan

ohio halloween

(obviously didn't like trying on her new costume :)

ohio fall

And a little glimpse of
Kelsie and her future family to be . . .

She looks like she fits right in :)

And to Dustin and Cami - 
Hope you had a wonderful spooky Halloween.
Feel free to share some photos if you have some!

Loves to you all!!

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mCat said...

Love the pics of Honduras! Luke's favorite companion was from there.

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