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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Me? Homemade Christmas cards!??

I had the greatest time on Friday night (I know . . . it was supposed to be date night, and I appreciate my husband being so understanding and willing to take me out on Saturday this week!) with my cute and creative daughter-in-law 'Crochet Cami'. She invited me to attend a Scrapbooking Christmas Card 'make and take' event with her and her family and friends. Apparently, it's something they like to do on a regular basis and scrap together a bunch of cute cards for all different occasions. This was going to be a specific Christmas card making night. I think the group came up with a completely different and fun idea that I recommend for 'scrapping' groups everywhere!

Instead the six of us gathered together, had a potluck Taco Salad dinner and then put together our own bunch of creative Christmas cards. Each person attending was responsible for coming up with an idea for a Christmas card, gathering the needed materials and making any advanced preparations like cutting out the little pieces, providing the stamps or inkpads, ribbons, brads or whatever else was necessary to assemble the personal card. Each person provided enough materials so that every person went home with 4 of each of the 6 different cards and also the envelopes.

I can see this becoming a new Christmas tradition! I used to be a great cut and paste creative scrapbooker, but sadly I've fallen very behind in the scrapbooking arena. ~~~~Although, I do absolutely love the new digital stuff that's available from the photobooks online (did you all get your free 8x11 from Snapfish.com this week, that my niece Nicole mentioned), and also the free Creative Memories scrapbook program~~~~ So, while it physically taxed my mentally insufficient creative brain cells trying to come up with a card idea, once I got going it was so much fun! Then you all have the opportunity to visit together and catch up on everyone's busy lives, and you take away these gorgeous beautiful Christmas cards that all my neighbors and friends are going to be so amazed with, and won't even believe that I actually produced them. And I only had to come up with one idea!

I'm sure this is old news for many of you, but if not, you have to try this with your friends and family for the holidays. It could just be a new tradition for you too!

I do still have one kit left that will make up four cute cards from my design. Hmmm . . . I always need new fabulous recipes . . . anyone want to trade?


greg_nichole said...

What a fun idea!

Jackie said...

WHOA! These are so inspiring to me! I want to make mine now!

Cami said...

I'm so glad that you came and had a fun time. I hope we can do it again soon, and maybe do some generic cards like thank yous and birthdays. It was nice to get to spend time with you. Tell Norm thanks for switching date night.

Grandma Shauna said...

These cards are cute, darling and beautiful! You need to teach us how to make these at a RS Meeting. I'd sign up.

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