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Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorite NEW discovery - for the season

WE always spend a week at Lake Powell each summer.

It's the highlight of my summer and I love it.

Can't believe it's one of the great wonders of this beautiful world and it's
practically in my back yard. Compared to the far away other places
where I long to travel.

It's the one time each year I practically live in a swimming suit. And
believe me it's not always an attractive sight.

So I was excited to discover this great find!

Cause I'm in need of a CUTE swimming suit!

Just thought I'd pass the find along . . . a good modest swimming suit is sooooo hard to find!


Clairity said...

Hey, this is really neat. Love how it looks more like a blouse and shorts. Definitely decent enough to walk around in and not have the poor neighbors' eyeballs popping out LOL!!

Hilary said...

THAT is an adorable suit.

Sue said...

You're. That is darling and has so much personality!


blueviolet said...

I really like the style and design of that!

Amy said...

No way, modest and cute on the same suit? That is a rare find indeed. Though I am still too self conscious about the post partum body to be caught in a bathing suit. Sigh. One day soon, I hope.
And can you believe I have never been to Lake Powell? I have lived in UT my whole life and have never been. Sad, I know.

house 09 said...

what a fun new brand to get to know. thx! wishing many sunny days to come along ;)

M-Cat said...

Cute cute cute!! I need me some new suits

tammy said...

Cute. Can't wait to check them out. Another one I like is hapari.com. They have a store in UT, too. We just got back from our annual Lake Powell trip. Loved it! I'm ready to go back.

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