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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!

Don't really want to repeat myself - 

But this kinda says it all :)

Just Get the Shot Already

Hee!  Sooo funny I love em all :)

The U.S. 2010-2011 seasonal influenza vaccine will protect against an H3N2 virus, an influenza B virus, and the 2009 H1N1 virus that emerged last year to cause the first global pandemic in more than 40 years and resulted in substantial illness, hospitalizations and deaths. Seasonal 2010-11 vaccine has begun shipping from manufacturers and CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get a 2010-2011 flu vaccine for the upcoming season as vaccine is available.


Clairity said...

I'd forgotten all about H1N1 (LOL), maybe that's because I've stopped reading the news. Is it still on?

Kevin Beckstrom said...

I already got mine! Thanks for the
mention, Kristin!

Momza said...

gotta do it!
thanks for the reminder!

M-Cat said...

Good reminder! I got mine last week, and wish everyone would get theirs!

Sue said...

I got mine last week, and it wasn't too bad!


PS. Come check out my new Halloween story-poem. It's downright creepy!

A Halloween Tale of Terror

tammy said...

I took my family to get them for FHE this week.

 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_07.jpg  photo s_10.jpg