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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Feeling very Chatty today . . .

I'm frequently not a very chatty person . . .

Especially with the usual "Hi, how are you?" conversations - you'll almost always get a "fine, fine" outta me.  It's not like they have all day . . .  :D  I mean after all, for the most part things actually are "fine, fine".  But I had to chuckle as I passed through the check out line at Costco today . . .

Where amongst other things made this purchase (I can never resist a new French language series on CD!)
(where else can you hear 6 hours of someone speaking in French for only 20 bucks!???)

This unique pack, which includes 2 books and six 60 minute CDs featuring native French speakers, will take you from beginner to fluent speaker in just a few months.

Carefully structured, the week-by-week course will walk you through how to pick up and improve French speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.

Fully updated for the 21st century traveller, it includes contemporary French vocabulary and expressions, so you’ll soon be confident enough to order cafe au lait in Paris and vin rouge in Toulouse!
But anyway . . .

The checkstand conversation went something like this:

checkout lady - oh planning a trip to France?

me - mumble, mumble . . . oh eventually I'm sure (totally not a lie, I'm always planning a trip to France)

her - well, be sure you don't over schedule, you'll want to have at least a week in each country.   The best thing to do is spend a month, if you're going to go all the way to Europe, be sure you have a month.  In fact, I really think you should include travel to Great Britain, Germany and Italy - they have so many of the top sights.  We just returned from there about a month ago.  Don't spend any less than 3 nights in each city, it's impossible to visit the cities properly if you spend less than three nights in a city.  I took all our kids and traveled all over Europe for a month, it was the greatest experience - I know you will love it.  There is so much information online these days, be sure you study up before you go an all the places you want to visit - and so on and so on and so on and on  . . .

me - nod and smile, with an "oh really" every now and then . . . and a few "how nice!"s also!

Not that I could get a word in edgewise . . . . but I didn't really have the heart to mention . . .

I lived in Madrid for six months!  I speak almost fluent Spanish.  I taught myself French over the last 10 years.  In my early 20's I traveled throughout Great Britain, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, and Austria riding the rails for a month. My husband and I took our four children back packing in Europe for a month and had a blast!  We later took my parents back to Paris for week.  We again traveled to Paris for 10 days for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Just last Spring, my sister and I took "just the girls" to Paris for 10 days where we had a lovely girls only adventure! 

(there!  now I feel better :D )

But I am impressed she managed to get so much information out in those 3 minutes it took her to scan and box all my items!  Yes, VERY impressed!



Julie said...

I was so glad to hear this. I am NOT a chit chatty person at the checkout stand either. Don't ask me how I am or what my plans are for the weekend. I don't want to tell you and I doubt you really care. Am I rude that way?

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am always chatty at the checkout stand--and just about every where else I go. I always feel so uncomfortable until I start a conversation and then I feel better,

but . . .

About your conversation . . . . I guess she was just very excited about her trip and wanted to share the experience she gained with you. It was nice of you to just listen.

But I am super impressed with all the traveling you have done. And even more impressed that you have taught yourself French!! I remember the last trip you took to France. It seemed like you had so much fun. I have been there twice but only for short visits each time. I would love to go back.

And backpacking all over Europe!! How cool is that!!

Sue said...

I majored in French in college, but I should pick that video up and get my fluency back. The last time I spoke to a guy from France, I was really struggling for vocabulary.


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