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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is it with me and books anywho??

Been putting off tiding this up . . . might as well blog it too!
There's supposedly my desk under here somewhere . . .

my desk

Other observations (while I'm at it . . .)

  • California here I come - family reunion - CANNOT wait!
  • I thought I may never blog again (and you never know this could be the last . . .)
  • Cuddling with baby Addi rocks my world!!!!
  • I sympathize Kelsie, just remembering how intense nursing school is!
  • Helping Karianne & Greg pack up - it's killing me . . .
  • My dogs are CRAZY this week . . .


Sue said...

I've got books all over too. Fewer of them since I got my Kindle, though. (Still, I have to have real copies of the ones I truly love.)


PS. Warning: do NOT make this your last post. ;)

Andrea said...

LOL I have books everywhere, too.

Reeses Pieces said...

Do we need to put you on Hoarders on TLC haha!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Please don't let this be your last post!! I know it gets hard to keep blogging but sometimes after a break it is nice to get back into it.

And about the book Men to Match My Mountains. I am from Utah and have read it--but then I read everything by Irving Stone. :-)

Have fun in CA!

M-Cat said...

That looks eerily like Splenda's desk. Scary indeed. He's at scout camp, think I'll clean it up for him

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