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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Smile, Breathe and go Slowly"

Smile . . . Breathe . . . and go Slowly . . .

Just taking a deep breath and hope that things slow down just a bit . . .

Life is so full

I want to

savor every moment . . .

I'm going to jump ahead from all the summer activities that haven't been blogged, recorded or knocked out of the endless photo stream on my hard drive - to something I just returned from recently.

I was so fortunate to enjoy 10 days in the Northeastern United States with Norm and parents.  We had some amazing experiences, and I'm not necessarily blogging about the most incredible experiences right now . . . I'm still savoring those for another time and frame of mind

But . . . I just have to mention how awesome Niagara falls is!

I've never been to Niagara falls . . . never thought I would go there . . .

It was an incredible experience, I've never experienced something quite as majestic and overwhelming to the senses as the amount of water that flows over the falls each day.   These photos will never do it justice.

I highly recommend it if anyone is making family vacation plans!

Niagara Falls Favorites 44

Niagara Falls Favorites 43

Niagara Falls Favorites 48

Niagara Falls Favorites 47

niagara 10niagara 11

"Maid of the Mist"
boat tour
A pretty spectacular of the American and Canadian Falls (Horseshoe Falls)
This was so much fun and pretty amazing!

Niagara Falls Favorites 37

Niagara Falls Favorites 34

niagara 7

Niagara Falls Favorites 23

Niagara Falls Favorites 26

Niagara Falls Favorites 29

Niagara Falls Favorites 30

The challenge was trying to take photos without ruining my camera!

I should have thought to bring a zipper baggie or something to shoot through,
but I think it's still working . . .

Niagara Falls Favorites 20

niagara 6DSC01180 kk

So hilarious . . .
We kind of found the Canadian side to be a cross
between Las Vegas and Disneyland . . .

We much preferred the parklike atmosphere of the American Side
although the better views are on the Canadian side.

Be sure to bring your passport!!

niagara 5niagara 3

niagara 2

There are some pretty fascinating stories about 
survivors going over the falls . . .

The most fantastic were of an 11 year old boy in a life jacket
and a 60 year old school teacher in a barrel
(oh! and her cat! poor thing!)

DSC01158-2 kk

Looking at the Canadian Skyline

Niagara Falls Favorites 4

niagara 8

Niagara Falls Favorites 1

Niagara Falls Favorites 2

niagara 9

I think we picked the best time of year to visit, no crowds and the leaves were amazing.  Oh and of course the falls were incredible!


Sue said...

Dave and I are oohing and aahing at these photos and have decided we are going for sure once he retires. (Next year!)


Julie said...

You managed to take some fantastic photos. Wow. Beautiful majestic place!

M-Cat said...

What spectacular pictures! Def on my bucket list to see at least once in my lifetime!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Love your pictures!! They are all gorgeous. We did the Maid of the Mist tour as well when we were there but it was so many years ago--and not in the fall. Your pictures sure make me want to go back!!

Pedaling said...

the grandeur of this place is truly amazing...I have been there a few times.
You captured it beautifully and what wonderful company you kept on your trip. Lovely.

Jackie said...

Holy smokes! We were probably there the same day...only it looks sunnier the day you were there than the day I was there.

Too bad.

How much fun would it have been to run into you!

Your pictures turn out fabulous. I'm tempted to steal them!

Love ya!

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