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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding Winter in Utah

What do we do to seek the Winter here in Utah this year?

Head for the family cabin in the Uintah mountains!

Believe it or not . . .

The snow is even scarce in the Uintah's this year.  We are about 4 feet short from what we usually experience in the winters high in the Uintahs.  But there was still plenty to have a good time with the snowmobiles when family traveled from Ohio to spend the week on the mountain with us.

Just a few highlights from the adventure . . .


We had a great time!
Sadly,  not every one was able to be there . . . Cory and Sara are expecting and the snowmobile trip is not really conducive to comfort during pregnancy.

So we had to make the trip without them this time.


Karianne and Greg came all the way from their home in Ohio to experience a little bit of the Utah snow!

cabin 2

And of course, Kelsie came from her studies in Price.

It was hard for her to break away . . . she's such a hard worker . . .  :D

cabin 1

And happily . . .

The snowmobiles behaved themselves and didn't give us any trouble the whole trip!

DSC03191 kk

We loved having a whole week with baby Addi for us all to love on
and snuggle with!






And before we knew it . . .

It was time to head back home again.  The fun times always go by too quickly.

Can't wait to return to the snow on the mountain and the warmth of the family cabin!


Sue said...

This always looks like such a fun trip. What a neat tradition!


Victoria said...

Looks so awesome! It was 70 here today... which I will admit, was nice... but I'm still a little jealous of your getaway, and Addie is just yummy.

Mommason Hillary said...

I LOVE THIS CABIN - so many wonderful memories - looks like you added a bunch more!

mCat said...

I bet that cabin holds many family memories! Love that.

And really? No more colored scrubs? I'm guessing Intermountain has had it's say, but if not, sorry......I always liked the uniqueness of staff being able to wear something that was "them"

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