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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obnoxiously Tongue in Cheek, so sorry . . .

Goodbye . . . sadly, I'll be sending you off to the thrift store . . .


Hello royal blue scrub top and bottoms . . .  sadly I'll be awfully bored when it's time to get ready for work . . .

but . . . on the other hand it makes it much easier to pick out an outfit . . .
(ideal for the less fashion coordinated)


 I'm sure you're dying to know why I would send all the cute, brightly colored, highly personable and free thinking (not to mention expensive!) scrubs off to the thrift store - RIGHT??

a certain popular and highly visible employer of many people
(you can always Facebook me if you want to know who)

has succumbed to increasingly creating an atmosphere noted for it's classless, less laissez-faire, exclusive of idealism and any pictoriality denoting meaning, type of environment.

(Sorry I can't say that in plain English . . . it's not very patriotic, and 
probably would be frowned upon :D  )

Anyway - if you're in the market for scrubs . . .

They should be readily available at many of the local thrift stores!

I'd keep them for pajamas . . . but I really prefer my

flannel pink-polka dots.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Sorry you have to go boring on the scrubs.

The doctor my daughter works for lets her wear colorful scrubs, and she appreciates it! I have a feeling the patients do, too.


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