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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BEST date night EVER!

There is so much going on around here . . .

There is so much that needs to be said . . .

There are so many things I could update the blog with right now . . .


This is an easy one!

(and that's all I can say right now :)

The amazing Kurt Bestor
(Oh my goodness . . . we are such fans!
YES, that is an IPad he is reading his music off of . . .

The absolutely incredible
(we are way beyond fans!)

I truly can't believe these incredible pianists shared the
same stage at the 
in Provo Utah

Even now . . .
My heart is still pounding . . .

Best date night ever . . .

(I didn't take these amazing photos BTW - thank you to the 
Covey Center for sharing!!)

If you are not fans,
better check them out on ITunes or Spotify
you are sure to be as amazed as I :)


Momza said...

I love David Lanz's "Narada Decade" albums. Fav song is "Cristofori's Dream"---would LOVE to hear him play it concert. Lucky you!

mCat said...

I'm not familiar with the other fellow, but Kurt Bestor is most definitely one of the most talented musicians around. Several years ago, Splenda and I attended a marriage conference where he and his wife we key note speakers and they talked of their love for each other and how the disability of their daughter brought them closer together. I was so impressed and admired them both so much.

Then some years later, I read where they divorced and that Kurt felt like he needed to move on and pursue his "art" more fully.

I lost respect for him that day as a man, but can still admire his talent,

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