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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And it Begins . . .

We are down to the last few days in our lovely Alpine home . . .

So many people express interest in why we would ever want to leave . . . and the answer is . . .

"It's Complicated" !!
Is it based on the economy?   . . . yeah partially . . .

Is it because we're empty nesters? . . . yeah partially . . .

Is it because we're not getting any younger . . . we value our time (especially the FREE time), and want to spend it in more meaningful ways than cleaning a home that is bigger than we need, and trimming and mowing a yard that is bigger than we need?     . . .  yeah partially . . .

Is it because we have opportunities to serve that we need to be unencumbered by a home? . . . yeah that too!

Is it because I have a son and DIL, and a daughter and SIL and grand baby clear across the country - yeah mostly!

AND . . .
on the other hand . . .

I have loved looking at every single thing in the home and making a consciencious  decision to keep, not to keep, trash or good will an item.  I love it that we are just down to the best of the best!  Reminds me of making decisions about our time and energy . . . . and only making time for those things that are the best of the good, better, best decisions.

In other news today!

Kelsie just returned from Nauvoo - in an outstanding "field trip" with her YSA Stake from Price, Utah.  She has shared some amazing experiences they have been able to have there!

(kelsie & friend at the brand spankin' new Kansas City temple - cute huh??!!
a FB download from a friend of hers!)

We are currently moving almost EVERYTHING out of the home!  We will have to move into an apartment for 3 months while the townhouse is completed!  And it's pack . . . pack . . . pack . . . move . . . move . . . move everyday!

Dustin (in Raleigh) has a new and exciting job!  He is a financial analyst for Red Hat, Inc.  So he is preeettty excited about that!!

My cute little DIL, Sara (yep!  the newest little mom in the family!) just graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in International Studies.  So we are SO pleased with all of her efforts and we're so amazed by all her accomplishments!


And - TA DA!

Our Addi bear arrives with her mom in just 6 and 1/2 hours now!  She is on the plane!  The only time in her life she has been sick is this last week . . . and we've been praying her better all week, because we couldn't stand the thought of her not being able to come for a visit!

DSC02546 kk c rd1 

 Last but not least . . .

My darling niece M'liss get's married on Friday, and we have a fabulous girls day planned for tomorrow while the cousins are all together for these few days - before they scatter to the four corners of the country! (just about!~!~)  WE are having our nails done, and our feet done . . . aren't we in for a special treat!!

 DSC05397 kk bw
(inserted from over at the photog place - Pickled Pepper Photography!)

Tonight - we are finishing up THIS!


A new gorgeous quilt for the beautiful bride to be!
(thank goodness I have my personal assistant and keep tracker of everything current here to help out!  I'd be sooooo sunk!!)

I DO believe that is about all for the moment - but hang onto your hat, things change by the gazillion around here . . .




mCat said...

Whew! I am exhausted just reading to catch up! I am itching to sell our home as well, and downsize. The kids want the home to stay in the family. So I guess until one of them offers to buy it, I'm stuck!

And how cute is that grandbaby?!?! YUM!

Sue said...

Congrats on all the great family news!

And it's good to simplify. We often consider doing the same...


Momza said...

I think a busy life is a sign that we're doing something right!
You are certainly doing many things right!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Kristin you are so busy!! Reading your post makes me feel like my life is do-able. I understand all about cleaning out and packing up a house. That is what we are in the process of doing right now. Three more weeks and we will be gone!! Good luck with your move.

And good luck with everything you are doing. Your grandbaby is so very cute!! How fun to be able to spend time with her. Also--I LOVE the picture of your niece. She is gorgeous!!

tammy said...

Lots going on. Life is good, isn't it?

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