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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where to Start . . . that is the Question

Oh my goodness . . . where to start . . . 
(sooooo long . . . if you read this you get high fives and kudos next time we meet :)

This last two weeks has been a whirlwind of packing boxes, cleaning out closets . . . putting the house back on the real estate market, taking it back off the real estate market - and finally negotiating a done deal with a closing date of May 24th.  So we are off . . .  (talk about stressful!)

(our first and ONLY garage sale EVER!
it was more like PLEASE just come and take our stuff :)

We got a brief reprieve with a hotel stay away from home for 3 days at the fabulous Marriott Mountain side resort in Park City, Utah.    Of course, it rained and snowed on us daily, but we have many fond memories of hot tubs and swimming pools in the snow and rain, with the steam billowing all around . . .  - no problem :)

(ha! we're practicing living in a smaller space!)

Blessings!  We have many!

A new little grand baby, born April 21 (I KNOW, and I'm JUST barely posting a picture!!!) -
his name is Jonathan and he is adorable.  We just cannot love and hug on him enough . . . and he is totally oblivious, and sleeps through almost all of our visits.  Mom and baby (and daddy . . . no one ever asks about the daddy . . .) are all doing well!

DSC06131 kk bw

The house is definitely sold!  We're moving -  and building a townhouse that will allow us to create a simpler life style so we can travel to visit our family living far away from home on a more frequent basis! (And our family living close too! We want to spend more time with them also :)

The more complicated part is that the townhouse won't be completed until August, so Norm and I and our large black lab are moving into a little tiny two bedroom apartment for 3-4 months!  That WILL be FUN, let me tell you . . .

In other good news!

Kelsie was accepted into the LPN to RN program (silly nursing schools make you keep reapplying all along the way!) Hurrah for Kelsie!  She survived her third year of college, which was her first year of nursing school . . . only three more semesters to go to her RN!

She also passed her courses this year with adequate grades to continue on in the nursing program . . . sounds like a simple thing . . . BUT NOT . . .

So HUGE accomplishments there :D

I was able to attend her pinning ceremony (a fun little nursing tradition for each accomplishment, as you pass your LPN year you get an LPN nursing pin, when you pass your RN year, you get an RN nursing pin . . .)

The REST of the Stuff

I managed to attend a few sessions at Women's Conference at BYU  . . . and hey!  I got some chocolate bridge mix from the bookstore (which is my favorite) and a fabulous new backpack from the bookstore . . . along with some amazing notes to uplift and inspire me along the way (maybe it will keep me sane during the next 4 months . . .!!)

In addition I taught Relief Society on Sunday, probably my last lesson as the Relief Society president :(

Norm organized and attended Youth Conference (in his spare time while repainting the entire apartment that we are planning to move into)

Pickled Pepper Photography is undergoing a website transformation!  (Which may take the rest of my life since I have no time to work on it . . . but it is SOOOOOO cute!!)

I am editing photos non stop for the many gorgeous bridals, engagements, newborns, family sessions, and weddings that I've been blessed to be involved in the last couple months.

And when I do have a spare moment or two I love my diet coke and whatever chocolate I can find . . . I think you can almost subsist on the two out of desperation.


I did make this yummy PINTEREST dessert just this week for a birthday party!  It is delish!  And I highly recommend it for any special occasion!

Oh so yummy!

Whew - that will have to do for the moment . . .


Momza said...

Ooo life is so busy, isn't it? This time last year, I was in the midst of looking for a new home, and preparing for the move. I love not having to do that this year.
Babies and graduations are such exciting times for families, aren't they? Progress and growth. All are blessings from above. Enjoy yours!

Pedaling said...

and you thought this stage of life, things were going to slow down....I guess not.

mCat said...

That's a lot of catching up to do! Life is a whirlwind.

Andrea said...

Wow, that's crazy! But I guess that's life.

Mommason Hillary said...

I want you to know how very proud I am of you. You are an amazing mom, gma, wife and friend. Lucky was the day I became your friend - and I cherish the memories and the moments we share and live vicariously through each other. Home is always where the heart is and so that makes anywhere you and Norm live, a very huge place. Save me anything that doesn't sale - and we'll take it!!! Ryan weds in August!!! xoxoxox

Sue said...

Congrats on selling the house. And congrats to Kelsie, too.

And that baby is delicious!

So many good things happening for you...


Alan said...

Congratulations on selling your house and the new grandbaby!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh I am so exhausted after reading your post!! I think I might need a nap!! Congrats on selling your house and the new baby, and everything else you have going on.

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