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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Publishing Peace . . .

I was reading in 1st Nephi 13:35-37 . . .

I love the phrase "publishing peace" . . . I love pondering on what that means in the world today.   Sharing testimonies, sharing scriptures, sharing a good thought, recognizing God and giving thanks . . .

I was reminded of one of my favorite "peace publishers"  - Natalie, she's an Alpine original . . . much younger and cuter than myself, and wise . . .

She shared these wisdom-ful thoughts that she calls

"34 Things from My Heart to Yours" 
(I hope she doesn't mind if I pass them along to you . . .  !!)

There are cooler things than the internet.
Sometimes listening to the sound of the rain on the pavement is the best music there is.
Sticking your nose into a pile of warm laundry, fresh out of the dryer, reduces anxiety.
Cell phones are pretty lame.
God loves you. A lot.
Television is NEVER cooler than being outside.
Good fuel = happy living. (Trash in, trash out. Mind, body, spirit.)
just for you

True friendship is better than therapy. (Or at least the VERY best alternative.)
A good night’s sleep is totally underrated.
This too shall pass.
Be where you are. (Aka try to do something in the past, try to do something in the future: YOU CAN’T.)
Meditation is more powerful than you could ever imagine.
Kindred friendships exist in places and packages you’d never imagine. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or it’s Twitter avatar).
Deep breathing should be celebrated as a consistent part of one’s daily routine.
Life is short. LIVE it well.
Mikesell 0511-48

Anxiety and worry are useless, unproductive and downright dangerous. LET GOOOOOOOOO.
Worry is nothing more than praying for what you don’t want.
You can heal.
Eye contact with actual humans is waaaaaaay cooler (and more emotionally satisfying) than text messaging.
Plus, text messaging when you’re around living, breathing human beings just makes you lame.
Being in the ocean is the best practice in mindfulness there is.

It will all work out.
We could all live with about 3/4ths less junk.
Purging clutter does wonders for the creative soul.
There’s nothing quite as reassuring as getting up early to watch the sunrise.
A good nickname goes a long way.
Be nice.
There is enough to go around (more than enough, really).
Water a plant. It does something inexplicable for the soul.
Letting people in isn’t as dangerous as you think. It’s actually pretty miraculous.
Life is too short not to get rid of your baggage.
Complete faith and total surrender are mighty powerful things.
Spectacular sunrise today 

It’s never to late to change your ways, to heal what you’ve broken, to try again.

(and finally . . .)
No one’s life is as clean, pretty, or perfect as it appears on their blog.
(hehheheh - isn't that the truth :)


mCat said...

What a great list. I found myself nodding in agreement with everything.

Greg and Karianne said...

Now I just need to remember that every day! I like the last one. Reminds me of a quote I saw that everyone isn't as perfect as they appear on their pinterest page

Sue said...

Wonderful list.

Thanks to you AND to Natalie.


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