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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Remembering Summer

I get a little nostalgic at this time of year . . .  I know all you mom's with kids going back to school are probably shouting hurrah!  I'm sure I did that also . . . I just miss the long summer days already.  Have you all noticed, it's already getting dark at 8:30 pm now!  What happened to 9:20 pm??  I think that lasted about a minute!

But there are sme good things also . . . the temperatures are dipping down at night!
I DO love the COOL summer mornings (while they last . . . . )

But before it's gone, and we all take a deep breath and try to get organized for Fall . . .

Here's a few minutes to remember summer . . .

(ahhhh . . . I do so love the humming birds, I celebrate when they arrive each Spring and I'm sad when they fly south for the warming climates)


(I mean . . . how gorgeous is this!!??)

Then there was all the fun summer adventures . . . here's just a minute of them for now . . .

Cabin TripCabin TripCabin Trip

LOVE these Utah mountains . . . 
(hope we have some left after observing the smoke filled valley's this week!)

Certainly a family summer favorite . . . without our home to maintain, this is one of the places we are hoping to spend more time at . . .

Cabin Trip

And . . .
another look at the colors of summer . . .

summer collage2 summer collage 3 summer collage 1

There now . . .

What color was your summer??




Julie said...

All your photos tell a great summer story, but I love the hummingbird ones the best. Wow!

Sue said...

You make summer look good!


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