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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photos! Townhouse Upstairs . . . Part II

Part II

Sorry about that . . . way too many photos, I have to figure out which ones to share and need a little time to organize them . . .

But we're back!

Here's the last little glimpse of the upstairs at our townhouse.

Yesterday I blogged the Master bedroom suite and guest bedroom.

Today . . .

Our daughter's bedroom - 

Kelsie is a college student and has lived away from home for the last 4 years.  Because she is our remaining single child, she was able to pick a room and decorate.

She has a fun eye for color and has always picked pretty wild colors to decorate with.  I think she did a great job here, although she will probably change things up quite a bit while we are in Honduras - I can only imagine . . .  (rolling eyes)



It was fun to use a barn door and hardware as the 
sliding door for her walk in closet.  It was perfect
for the theme of her room and turned out great.
The barn door was made for us by Wrights Sheds.  You can
find them online.  The hardware comes from Home Depot.
Yep . . . still tableclothes
for the window coverings.  One of my favorite tricks for decorating
in our new home.  I'm getting lazy about sewing!


Kelsie, on the other hand is very talented with a sewing maching.
She loves quilts.
She loves to make quilts!
So she has a great display in her room of the many quilts and 
blankets she has made!


One last look.

Then Kelsie has her own bathroom in the hallway.
Every once in a while it's shared with any guests also.

We included a wonderful soaker tub in the hallway bath
just because the Master bath has a spa shower but no tub.
Have to have a tub - I'm a soaker at heart!

The tub curtain uses the same idea as the bedroom curtains.
I have curtain clips attached to a "scarf" drapery fabric you can find
at Wal-mart with their bedroom curtains.   Then it is all just draped and swagged until you find
something you like :)
The actual shower curtain (white) is on a second rod hung just behind the first rod.


Luckily we had a small space on the landing at the top of the stairs
for my antique desk and more antique treasures.  
A few treasured books, a handmade porcelain piece of art,
wedding bouquet, and my grandparents vintage typewriter.
I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many items
that remind me of my heritage.
I look around and each piece of furniture has a history,
each object brings back a memory . . .
 . . . of much loved people and places.


There you have it!

We're barely getting settled and already it's time to say 'goodbye'
next month for far off places.

I imagine we'll have much more to blog about.

Far off places, missionary challenges and triumphs . . .

and of course . . . more family treasures.


We Seek After these Things.


Momza said...

you are a fun homemaker, Kristin!
I'm sure that you will bring that talent to your mission home too!

Sue said...

VERY appealing. And your daughter's room is great!


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