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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally . . . Photos! Townhouse Upstairs . . .

A long long loooong time ago . . .

I set out to photograph and blog each floor of our townhome that we moved into back in September - 2012.  Somewhere along the line I got distracted a wee bit, but FINALLY . . .

Managed to photograph the final and upstairs level . . . location of our three bedrooms, including our Master bedroom suite, which we love.  A guest bedroom . . . and the bedroom that Kelsie designed to be her bedroom when she was home from college.

(Little did she know she would be living in the home for three years holding down the fort . . .  While we depart the country and serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the country of Honduras!  Good thing it turned out awesome and she loves it!)

Just a reminder . . . our townhouse is located in Highland, Utah.  It's called Toscana!  We are loving the simplified life (at least it was simplified until about mid-December . . . now it's currently an ongoing roller coaster . . .  :D

The entry level is the walk in from the front entry and the garage along with a small office.  The main floor is an open floor plan kitchen to family room with a butler pantry / laundry room and small 1/2 bath.  (they have been previously blogged and linked above)

Perfect! We do so love it!

Our Master suite -

During the construction stage we hoped we would be happy with the size of the new master bedroom.  We were coming from a large master bedroom and hoped we wouldn't feel too enclosed in a new townhome style bedroom.  We hoped for space for our king size bed and a sitting area. I have antique furniture inherited from grandparents that is pretty precious to me and I didn't want to part with it.  But we knew that the only place it would possibly fit was the master bedroom - and we weren't disappointed.  When it was all said and done - it fit perfectly!


upstairs 1


Our most-liked features are the mediterranean style beams, the cathedral ceilings
and ceiling fan.  From our bedroom window we still have a nice view of our favorite 
Alpine mountains.  
Our large mediterranean style headboard and nightstands still fits with our intended decor.
I wanted to hang onto them even though they are now about 45 years old.

We don't drink tea,  but the antique tea service
and tea cups come down many generations in the family.
I guess I should really polish up the tea silver,
but I kind of prefer the old and tarnished look.


Here'a a tip on ALL the window curtains throughout the upper floor.
I was in a hurry with no time to sew, yet wanted instant curtains to frame
and soften all the upstairs windows.

So I bought two of these table cloths . . .
in a 60x102 length.  These curtain rings,

and voila!  Instant curtains!

You'll see the same technique in the other bedrooms,
just these different tablecloths.

One more look . . .


upstairs 2

More modern -
what you'll find on my nightstand every day!


Now, just a quick peek
into the en suite bath - 
DSC02230 upstairs 4
My favorite?  The spa shower - so awesome!

Our Guest Bedroom - 
We are so grateful to have space for all of our family when they visit.  It's not often that more than one of our children who live outside of the state of Utah can come for a visit at the same time.  But when they do, we still can manage to fit them all in . . . although Kelsie might find herself on the couch, and one couple would probably get an inflatable bed in the office . . .   :)
Usually, our guests just make themselves comfortable here - 



Our builder did the custom woodwork - 
The queen bed is from Ikea
The mattress from Knights Mattress
and the bed linens and pillows from Ross.
Remember the curtains?  Yep . . . tablecloths.

Well . . .
I need to make this part I of II.
Stay tuned for the last update soon as I get a few minutes!!


Sue said...

Your bedroom is so cute and inviting. And the guest bedroom looks terrific, too.


mCat said...

It's all so beautiful! And I'm so covetous :)

Greg and Karianne said...

Okay so I am going to put "new curtains" on my to-do list for my bedroom. I love the way you did yours and I need to just pick some out.

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