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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photos - Townhouse on the Main

Once upon a time . . .

I set out to blog photos of our new townhouse in Highland Utah.  It's located at Toscana, an upscale townhouse community right in the middle of our new little town.  We moved all the way down the street from our previous home in Alpine.  About 3 miles . . .

So far . . .

We have LOVED living here!  The low to no maintenance is just what we are looking for right now. It's afforded us the opportunity to travel and spend time with our far away family members.  Especially now, it is very appropriate in our lives as we have some major lifestyle changes come up.

But . . .

I digress . . . I'm FINALLY going to blog some more townhouse photos!

Let's take a look at the main floor . . .

First a few statistics -
The townhouse is approximately 2000 sq feet, on three levels.  You saw the entry / office level last time around.  We have engineered solid hardwood floors on the first two levels.  The bedrooms and stairways are carpeted.

It' three bedroom, 2.5 baths . . .

Heading up the stairs now . . .

Don't mind the big black lab who follows me all around as I'm snapping photos . . .



At the top of the first set of stairs you'll find . . .



(haahaha - in a small place, the storage shelf under the coffee table is prime real estate :)  Just thought I'd mention that's where we store the favorite family games!  Ticket to Ride, Settler's of Catan, Qwirkle, Pandemic and the Logo games!  If any of you want to play . . . give us a call!!)

The collection of family quilts is noticeably missing . . . but no fear . . . they are still here in the upstairs linen closet . . . don't worry snugglers, we still have plenty of snuggling quilts available :)

townhouse 4

townhouse 10

Primarily . . . two of us live here with one big black lab full time.  Kelsie, the college girl comes home on weekends and during holidays.  And BTW has agreed "to mind the store" while we travel "out-of-town" to destinations currently unknown beginning in July for the next three years!  (You'll see the BEDROOMS, which includes Kelsie's super cute bedroom . . . NEXT TIME).

We love that the style of our home totally reflects us!  We have always love our European adventures and admired the cute European apartments we have been privileged to stay in.  We're fortunate that thrifted, inherited, refurbished, DIY, and vintage are all in style right now . . . as that pretty much describes our decorating style to a tee :)



townhouse 1

We've inherited lots of precious-to-us treasures big and small from family through the years, and love that we have found a place to incorporate most all of them.  They remind us daily of our family history, the valued qualities of family members we hope to carry on and pass down to our own little family.

The wood floors and beams incorporated into the home were high on our priority list.  Also the brick wall really adds to the atmosphere we're trying to embrace.



townhouse 14

townhouse 13


townhouse 12


I'm really quite pleased we've been able to hang onto our dining room table throughout the years . . . it's the same dining room table we all ate dinners around on special occasions as I was growing up.  We've since add the toile table cloth and glass top to make it more practical for our needs.  The piano, also is the same piano I grew up playing, and now my daughter enjoys it on visits home.  We all enjoy her playing on her visits home!  But I must admit . . . I've GOT to get it tuned, it's just been hanging out getting adjusted to the new environment!




townhouse 7

So far I'm loving cooking in a new kitchen . . . . we're very  happy with the stainless steel appliances.  Norm had a little angst over if they would stay clean or not but they actually clean up really nicely with some glass cleaner.  Still moving stuff around in all the cupboards . . . but slowly but surely everything is finding a home!

townhouse 6

townhouse 3

townhouse 8



There is also a laundry room / butler's pantry off the kitchen, and a small 1/2 bath next to the laundry just off a small hallway.  We had to search far and wide for the RED washer / dryer combo . . . once upon a time it was all in vogue, but apparently now folks have moved onto a different color.  But we are so glad we persisted in trying to find the red ones . . . it makes laundry almost fun . . .

townhouse 11

Next time . . . we'll go upstairs

WE did some fun things in the bedrooms . . . but  no photos just yet . . .


towhouse 2

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Alan said...

Wow! It looks so great! I really like this floor.

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