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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This . . . is Incredible . . .

I know that I have an appreciation for music that started many years ago.  I frequently reflect on my youth and my dad's love for classical music, and generally,  music of many different genre's and how that has influenced my life throughout my life.  

As a youth, inspiring me to pursue musical studies, as a mom, inspiring my children to pursue and gain an appreciation for many different types of music.  And looking back what a blessing it has been to my life forever.

Music touches us in so many different ways .  . . 

It's a way to express an aspect of our personal identity, helps us relax, helps us to manage our moods or change our outlook for the day or moment.  Frequently it wakes us up, makes us want to dance or sing, or soothes us when we're sad . . .

So I guess that's one reason why I find this  . . .

Incredible . . .

Landfill Harmonic movie teaser from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.

What do you think?

How has music been a positive influence in your life?


Sue said...

Astounding and completely moving in EVERY way. Thanks so much!


Amy said...

Beautiful. I can't even comprehend the lives that they lead and are able to make beautiful music from. Thank you for the post. Personally, I agree with one of the girls from the film: music is my life. Music has helped me through many of the trials I have faced through life, and I could not imagine my life without it.

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