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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Change of Heart . . .

Good as new . . . after a minor heart procedure!
(really . . .  is there such a thing as a minor heart procedure!)

At least that's what we hope . . . we have to wait several months to know for sure but so far it's lookin' good!

For the last 5 years Kelsie has struggled with a heart problem with a big old long name.

Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia

Basically what that means is . . .

She has an electrical conduction problem with the heart that causes it to misfire sporadically and for no reason.  This causes the heart to beat very rapidly and without warning lasting perhaps for a few seconds or up to a few hours.  These heart palpitations would usually leave her short of breath, lightheaded and with chest pain.  The medications Kelsie has been taking to control the conduction problem are no fun either - they reduce the blood pressure and also cause drowsiness and dizziness.

When the symptoms continued after trying to discontinue the medications the cardiologists felt a surgical procedure called a cardiac ablation was the best way to proceed.  It works by scarring or zapping tissues in the heart that triggers the abnormal heart rhythm.  It's done using tiny catheters inserted into a vein and then threaded up into the heart.

(Sorry you don't get to see the actual procedure . . . it is QUITE amazing!)

kels 1 DSC09475-2

So that's the scoop -

We arrived at the hospital bright and early on December 26th.  The cardiologists feel there's a high chance the cardiac ablation was successful!  After an overnight stay for monitoring on telemetry, Kelsie is home - and now back in school.

DSC09477-2 DSC09481-2
(You're welcome IHC for this unpaid commercial announcement :)

Makes me grateful for modern medicine and all it's amazing accomplishments!


Andrea said...

I love modern medicine. Glad it went well. :)

susette said...

Oh My Goodness!! This is the same thing one of my sons has happening. Dr. said he needs the same surgery that your daughter just had done. My son will probably do it sometime this year, he just hasn't felt a rush to get it done yet. I'm glad to know she is up and doing well so quickly.

Joy For Your Journey said...

One of our neighbors from home had the same thing as well and had that procedure done. He has been doing great since then. What a blessing!! Best wishes to your daughter as well.

Momza said...

How grateful I am for the advancements in medicine in my lifetime! My husband just had a knee replacement last week and will be home today. I hope the procedure your sweet girl has had enables her to get back to doing what she loves!
That all sounds kinda scary, but she looks so calm! Best wishes!

Sue said...

I pray that it will prove to have been successful over time. What a wonderful freedom she will feel without the medication and tachycardia!


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