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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ultimate Destination Wedding

Welcome to part two . . .
of this particular story . . .

For the beginning of the story be sure to check here . . .

As we have discovered during our service here in the San Pedro Sula East Mission . . . we are so blessed!  When we were first beginning to comprehend and understand our new callings a year ago we had no idea how especially our family would be blessed through our missionary service.

One of the most apparent ways has been the opportunity to have Kelsie and Mike travel here to Honduras, along with other family members to be sealed not only for time, but for all eternity in the Tegucigalpa Temples.  One of the newest and just recently dedicated temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For a little information about Temple weddings you can see what I previously blogged here . . . and also on the Church's website here and here.

Our time in the Tegucigalpa temple was certainly precious.  We feel so blessed to have this great opportunity and to always have this memory be with our family forever.  We are also so grateful for the family members who were able to travel to Honduras.  We know there were those who would have loved to be here . . . . and feel sorry that we couldn't be all together as a family during this special time.

It was also a great blessing that I could return to Utah afterwards, to greet and spend time with other family members, and continue the celebration with our many wonderful friends, family and neighbors. 

No doubt - we have been greatly blessed.

As a photographer - it was also a great pleasure to take so many wonderful photographs in this beautiful location.  There will only be a few included here, but I'll soon make more wedding photos available as my time allows. 

We also want to recall many of the other important events that took place during the holiday season in Utah and in Honduras.

 . . . Sadly, almot immediately after the temple ceremony we had to begin to put people on airplanes to return to their homes  . . . the Christmas holiday was approaching . . .

Cheryl, Larry and Kim were the first to leave . . . followed closely by Mike and Kelsie who were off to their honeymoon in Roatan.

And soon, we (Norm, Kristin, Cory and my Mom and Dad) were on the road for the long return trip to San Pedro Sula.  Made even longer by the approaching darkness and stormy weather.  Darkness and stormy weather don't go well with driving in Honduras . . . but we all arrived home safe and sound.  

(I think it's significant to note that Cheryl and Larry arrived back in Utah in one of the biggest storms of the century - the airport in SLC was closed for hours, which hardly EVER happens.  Their flight was diverted to the Provo airport (yeah - weird!!) where they sat on the runway for HOURS . . .)
But thank goodness they made it home when they did, because then the storms hit the East Coast cities and closed airports and flights were backed up and grounded right up until Christmas day!

I think everyone got to try the famous Honduras Baleadas!
And we soooo appreciated everyones help to make festive treats for all the missionaries
during the Christmas season!!

Below are photos from our visit to the botanical garden outside of Tele, Honduras.
We had a wonderful visit there one day.

We also visited the Garifuna village just to the West of Tele, right on the coast.
The Garifuna have an interesting history - their population in the area commenced with the shipwreck of a slave ship from Africa in 1675.  

We stopped to visit with a family looking for a spot to build a new home, when we mentioned we wanted to try a coconut, next thing we knew a young man shimmied up the palm tree and snagged us each coconuts.  Which they then used their machete's to open them up so we could drink the coconut water.  It was actually quite good!

Back at the mission home - it was time to get started with some 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your help in the kitchen!!

Hermana's Rioja and Porter who were at the mission home during this time and helped 
us put the finishing touches on all the missionary treats.  We don't know what we would have done without them!!

We enjoyed having Cory with us for several more days, and Mom and Dad here right up until Christmas eve, when the three of us flew to Utah.

Once in Utah - 

Kim had invited me to come stay at her home, along with Karianne, Greg, darling Addi Bear, and Ella.  She had lots of room for a crowd and it was a great blessing we could stay there together.  Cory and Sara were at Sara's parents home, and they came frequently to visit bringing our precious Jonny Cakes so he could get to know his Utah cousins!  Dustin and Cami stayed with Cami's grandma as it was a great opportunity for them to spend time with Cami's grandparents also.  The honeymooners had their own space at our townhouse in Highland. 

(Stay tuned for part 3) 

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