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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunbeams and Gingerbread houses

Lots of favorite memories from this activity. I thought it would be FUN to have my cute little Sunbeams over to the house for a PARTY DAY! I sent them all invitations, and I had many cute little voice messages from 3 year olds on my answering machine telling me they could come!

Thankgoodness my two "Santa Helpers" were home that day from their other Christmas Adventures. I recruited Karianne and Kelsie to come give me a hand. Who knew it would take that many hands to put together Gingerbread houses!

I love how Barak brought his big sister Cayenne to help help him!
I love how Jaden wore his coat all the time and kept peeking out the door
to see if his Grandma Ginger was waiting for him.
I love how Dylan just wanted to eat candy - he said "it's a party so you're just supposed to EAT CANDY!" and wanted to take his pizza home in a zip baggy!
I love how Charlotte kept asking where "Grandpa Klein" was :)
I love how Kayla stayed and finished her house and ate pizza and talked and talked after everyone else was gone!

Whew! What a day!


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What a great example you are of magnifying your calling.

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