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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sigh . . . Yawn . . . Stretch . . .

Wow, this is a momentous occasion. I just finished teaching Relief Society today. An impromptu lesson at the last minute. And now . . . it is such a wonderful feeling, I'm NOT in crisis mode. I've been in crisis mode for so long I was beginning to think it was a permanent lifestyle.

You know what I mean I'm sure. Where you just go from one activity to the next because it's urgent. It's finally come to the TOP of the urgent list and the activity finally get's your complete attention. I have been constantly at the top of the urgent list for so long and now . . . well . . . I've finished my urgent list! I never thought it would happen. At least until tomorrow when I'm sure something will come up and I'll begin the 'urgent' list all over again. (Like the dog hair will be about knee high and I'll have to get out the vacuum - urgently :)

Speaking of tomorow, we take our youngest up to college, move her in, get her settled, take her out to dinner, help her unpack (let's see, can we linger any longer) and then leave to come back home to our "empty nest". I'm certain that I am not quite ready for this. Lunch anyone?

I've been coaching my newly married Karianne on the "how to's" of blog construction. You'll have to visit her and check out her efforts. I've convinced her that we must have this if she is going to live all the way across the country. So far good job honey - I LOVE it so far!

I love to frequent Dustin & Cami's blogs also. My super talented daughter-in-law truly needs a whole separate blog for all of her projects. She is such an inspiration to me. Someday, when I grow up I hope to develop just a smidgin of her talent.

Yep, I think blogs are for mom's, and webcams, and facebook and email and text messaging. Don't know how our mom's survived without 'em.


Carolyn said...

Is is wonderful? The non-panic mode? It's been so long for me. I can't remember how it feels anymore.

I am so happy things have settled down for you.

tammy said...

Thank goodness for blogs! Although I have told my kids that they can never move far away from me. In fact, I'd like to buy a whole bunch of land and have everyone build a house on it. Think they'll listen to me?

Good luck to your daughter at school. And to mom having the empty nest!

Jackie said...

College? COLLEGE!

She can't be going to college, I taught her in school!

Wow. This is so crazy for me, I can't imagine how it is for you guys!

I'm going to be there in October.
I want in on the lunch schedule!!!

Ann Mitchell said...

Hey, Kristen
Can you get Karianne to give me an invite to view her blog?


Joy For Your Journey said...

I know something else will come up to put you in panic mode. It seems it always does. But I think I function better that way--or at least make better use of my time. And good luck with that empty nest. Oh so sad. We have three more years and I am already dreading it. Although I am sure your life will keep you busy enough to get you through the adjustment--and if not there will always be blogging! :-)

Andrea said...

My mom definitely uses Facebook to keep track of her away-from-home children. :)

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