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Monday, September 14, 2009

Where did that come from?

Ah ha! I'm beginning to see a new side of this lifestyle that I haven't experienced in the last 27 years. When something gets cleaned (which isn't often at this point, we're still returning STUFF we borrowed for the wedding, squishing air out of the Lake Powell toys, putting bins back down in the basement from the college move, and vacuuming up the mounds of dog hair since they have had the run of the household for the last month)

BUT . . . when something DOES get clean, it stays that way for at least five minutes!

I mean, look at this . . .

It's something I haven't seen for the last 10 years.

The counter tops in the girls bathroom.

Wow, it looks pretty nice in there! I usually just avoid it at all costs. One could get lost just going in to use the facilities! You're lucky if you can find the soap amidst all the cans of hair products, face cleaners, acne remedies, hairbrushes and scrunchy things. I'm feeling kind of bad that when my boys were home I actually made them use that bathroom as well . . . oh well . . .

It's been tidy for a whole week almost. Hmmm . . . I'm thinking . . . now that I can see it all clearly, it might need a little update . . . thinking I might need to go shopping to use up some of this spare time . . .

Stay tuned, I'll let you know how it turns out:)


Pedaling said...

i can see the good happy sad and bad from this kind of clean.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Good for you looking for the positives in the empty nest.:-) Right now I have company and nothing stays clean for more than a minute.

Greg and Karianne said...

Mom wow that is gonna be nice to have such a clean house from now on...except for those dogs who can't stop shedding. Love ya :)

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