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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birds of a Feather . . .

I'm quite far behind on all my the posts, topics and ideas I'd like to share from this year. Vacations, weekends, projects. But This was an easy one . . .

Just thought I'd share my one of my collections.

I collect birds you see.

Or at least I think I collect them, it's really kinda one sided . . .
I provide the food, and they provide the entertainment :)

jApril 2 010

Exquisite - love the fluff!


So tiny - wings only a whirrr . . .

Feb 6 059

You are gorgeous!

Feb 6 062

and hungry apparently . . .

Lilly a300 073

Oh no, I hope the cat doesn't see these slow waddling things . . .

June 2009 214

Silhouette . . .

June 2009 170

Kaw - That's his name - he's a noisy thing!

Nicole J Apr'10 428

Wait a minute . . . how'd you get in here

adorable . . . . (but NOT a bird)

June 2009 111

So nice that all the different colors posed so
nicely for me don't you think!

Nicole J Apr'10 418


Nicole J Apr'10 002

Teentsy - tiny little thing

jApril 2 012

Even a "plain jane" is beautiful!


What do you collect?

I'd love to see . . .


Clairity said...

Gorgeous pictures as always. Just don't let the cat get at those birds. We rescued a beautiful black and white bird from our bathroom last week, only to have it fly out our window and get killed a few minutes later by a nasty cat waiting nearby *sobs*.

Sue said...

What a wonderful post! The pictures are amazing. I've tried to photograph birds before, and it is anything but easy. I admire your abilities!

I used to collect lighthouses, but I got too many. I still collect rocks and pottery.


tammy said...

Great photos. My Mom-in-law has been having two parrots visit her yard lately along with the normal visitors. They've been fun to watch.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Great photos. I have a cardinal that comes to our house but he's too fast for me to take photos. lol

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love the pictures!! And what fun to have so many birds in your yard. We have quail and a few others--well, lots of birds, just not a lot of variety. We had a bird get trapped in an outdoor light fixture the other day. We had to take a part the fixture so the bird could escape. We felt quite heroic. :-)

Thanks for sharing your picture. It brightened my day!

M-Cat said...

Oh my! Those pictures are beautiful! And I am in love with the little black lamb....

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