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Monday, July 26, 2010

~~ Houseboat at Lake Powell ~~ 2010

I feel so priveledged to be able to travel so many beautiful places in the world . . . Hawaii, Europe, South America . . .

But one of my favorite places anywhere is right in my own backyard practically . . .

It's Lake Powell in the Southern Central Utah area. We have a timeshare in a houseboat there and enjoy spending 1-2 weeks each summer there with friends and family. We all look forward it every year with great anticipation.

Here's the VERY BEST of our LAKE POWELL trip for this summer. I had hundreds of photos to choose from, and you'll probably see more specific posts later, but here's the highlights of this summer's adventure.


Sunsation - the Houseboat - We LOVE it!


it was one BIG slumber party every night - we all wanted to sleep on top of the boat so we we could see the star show every night


lots of game playing in between the water fun!


getting ready to head out on some boating adventures


looking straight up at the cliffs from the houseboat . . .


bodies were flying off the top of the houseboat almost continually . . .


getting ready for water skiing behind the jetski


we had our own personal swimming pool - and it was a big one!


so much time with cousins - cute girls everywhere you look :D


a little cliff jumping in the afternoons


couldn't resist the stow away peeking out from the neighbor boat at the marina . . .

Our own version of "Minute to Win it!"


the plastic cup challenge . . .


the get the Oreo cookie from your forehead to mouth challenge . . .

A hike to the restored ruins in Forgotten Canyon



we had to swim the mosquito, shark invested waters of the marsh to access the climb to the ruins . . .



Here we are after viewing all the ruins - there's a great view of the canyon from here!'


The "Captain" on vacation . . .

DSC07292 copy

The "Captains wife" on vacation (ME!) - all sunburned and harried!


We lost a few people who had to leave before we took a nice group photo :(
We miss you Kelsie and David!


Heading off into the sunset - everything is packed up and ready to return home.

We hope we can return soon!!


tammy said...

Truly some of the best moments of our lives are spent at Lake Powell. I'm ready to go back now.

Clairity said...

You're so lucky to have paradise in your backyard!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What fun!! We have only been there once but we loved it!! It was a lot of fun, the only thing I didn't like were the bats at night. Did you have those?

My favorite picture is the one looking up at the cave walls. So cool!!

M-Cat said...

Born and raised in UTah and never been there. It looks amazing and I'm gonna need to add it to my bucket list

Loralee and the gang... said...

All I can say is - WOW! What a fun place to be. Makes me think of B of M times!

Kevin and HolliJo said...

Glad you guys had so much fun! Lake Powell is seriously one of the best vacations ever! Loved all the pictures! Miss you guys!

Pedaling said...

ahhhh, looks like you and the family did it up well!
nothing like lake powell!
beautiful pictures!

Skeller said...

OMGOSH!!!! Kristin!!!!
This is seriously my dream vacation!

wow. What a perfectly wonderful time in a totally gorgeous place!

Anonymous said...

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