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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Awfully quiet around here . . .

Perhaps you noticed that it's been awfully quiet around here . . .

That's because for the last 8 days I've been hanging out over here!

At the new
Team Donovan Residence
in Ohio

Been having just the LOVLIEST of times
getting Karianne and Greg moved into their new home
and of course cuddling baby cakes every chance I get.

You'll see my guest post if you stop by . . .

(ooops - just remembered - I think their private now . . . I can get you in if you're interested, just let me know :)

Karianne & Greg have the MOST darling little home!  It suites them perfectly and will be so wonderful for them.  Just had to share a few photos while I'm at it . . .






Of course - I can't finish without sharing a few photos of Addison!
She loves her toys - and talks and talks to them
telling them all sorts of stories . . .


Here she is in her Michigan colors
all excited for the big football game -she is going to be a Michigan fan, can't you tell!


Thanks Karianne and Greg and letting me come and stay - tons of love and hugs!!!


Joy For Your Journey said...

She is beautiful!! What a darling baby. How fun for you to be there to cuddle her--and to help with the move. I love the house. It looks very open and comfortable.

Amy said...

You lucky Grandma, getting to play with that sweet little girl! And what a lovely house!

Sue said...

Cute house!

Even cuter grandbaby!!


M-Cat said...

Oh my goodness - that hair! Love that baby - she is so cute!
And beautiful home. ENvious of those hardwood floors.

tammy said...

Oh she is so cute!!

Elaine said...

Beautiful home! Beautiful girl!

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