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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Finding Happiness . . .

A friend pointed me in the direction of this article and I've spent some time contemplating it this month.
All 101 thoughts sound like great ideas . . .

From Some of my Best

Here's a few that jump right out at me!

Either they are already an important part of my life 
 I plan to make them an important part of life . . .
(although not necessarily in this order :D)

Travel can have a profound effect on us by taking us out of our comfort zones and opening our eyes to some of the different places and lives that were unknown to us. It’s also just fun!  (I knew it!  Finally someone confirms that my travel addiction has a purpose!)

  • Travel when you can - travel can open your eyes to the world and offer a fresh new perspective.
  • Take a weekend trip - if you haven't the fund for a jaunt to Paris, no matter . . . even a weekend away  from home can make you happier
  • Sit in front of a beautiful view - find a spot close by with a nice view you can visit when you need a break


Work is very fulfilling -  as nice as the beach is, if you do it too long it stops being satisfying.  By embracing hard work we gain the ability to achieve those things we desire in life.

Cabin jn2011-12
  • Make enough money to meet your basic needs - anything beyond that amount will not necessarily make you happier.
  • Find satisfaction in the job you have - don't expect to find one job that will make you happy - instead focus on the positive atributes of your job (or your life - for heavens sake!) instead of blaming a job for your unhappiness.
  • Bake cookies and bring them to work - my personal favorite!  You'll enjoy the baking and reaching out and making others happy.

Health - does health enhance your happiness or does happiness enhance your health?  That is the question . . .  people who are happy are less likely to become ill.
  • Get enough sleep - ouch!  That's always a hard one for me! (and most moms!) Sleeping for 8 hours every night can elevate your mood and prepare you to better greet the day.
  • Laugh out loud - Laughing releases endorphins and lowers levels of stress hormones
  • Get more fresh air - fresh air is invigorating and alters the levels of seratonin in your brain - the stuff that makes you happy. (It's those morning walks . . . I'm tellin' ya!)
  • Eat chocolate - besides releasing endorphins and triggering seratonin production in the brain, chocolate releases phenylethelymine, the chemical that causes feelings of love! (Totally not a problem . . . the darker the better!)
  • Work out - exercise cannot only make you feel better about yourself, it also releases endorphins to give your body a natural high.

One Day at a Time - Alpine klein Bunch

Attitude is all in your head - right now you have within you all you need to find fulfillment and lead a happy and satisfying life. Happiness is a mental not a physical state. 
  • Smile - it takes fewer muscles to smile that it does to frown. 
  • Keep a grateful list - focus on all the great things in your life to enhance feelings of joy and attract more good things. (I TREASURE my gratitude journals!  - and sometimes it's a necessity that I can pull them out to review during hard times!)
  • Break outside your comfort zone - being comfortable doesn't make you happy - challenging yourself does.
  • Accept that you can't be happy ALL the time - focus on being content, then true happiness wlll be that much more obvious.
  • Daily Spirituality - have a spiritual experience daily! (for me it's the scriptures, the Ensign, a quiet time for pondering and meditating . . .) 

Relationships - continuous and committed relationships contribute to increased happiness and family happiness.
  • Stay close to friends and family - moving away from your supportive relationships can take a toll on your happiness . . . (OooOoo - or TRAVEL to see your close friends and family!)
  • Give more hugs; hugging releases the same chemical as a massage and is always free!
  • Make time for your friends (and husbands!!) - personal connections are so important, spending even a little time with people you enjoy can make you laugh and smile.
  • Get a dog . . . (I keep trying to convince the hubby that ALL the experts agree on this one . . .) The studies showing the positive effects of man's best friend are numerous; better emotional AND physical health.

Activities - Engaging in the right activities for you can lift your spirits daily, increase your self-esteem and make you feel more positive.
  • Donate to Charity  - Focusing on those less fortunate can make you feel better about your situation and help you appreciate what you have.  (Can you say Tithing and Fast Offerings - I am grateful for the opportunity to participate . . .)
  • Listen to upbeat music - Even just a few minutes of listening to a good hip shaking tune can make you feel more positive.
  • Serve another - Selfless acts and helping another is a fast track route to genuine contentment.
  • De-clutter - a clean home is a clean mind and you'll feel better in an orderly environement (ahhh . . . yes, cleaning those cupboards, drawers and closets and feel soOooOo good!)

I hope you'll take the time to create your 



Now go find that Diet coke and dark chocolate . . .

Oh!  And I'm sure
Warm chocolate chip cookies - right out of the oven
is guaranteed to make anyone happy!

From One Day at a Time - Alpine klein Bunch

At least for a minute or two!


Kevin and HolliJo said...

Thanks for the reminder! That was such a great post!

The Wrights said...

Love, love, love this!! Have been contemplating this lately. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing!!

Andrea said...

Great ideas! I have a hard time with the sleep thing, too.

Pedaling said...

I would have to agree to all the ideas posted.
My dogs make me happy, but sometimes they make me steamin' mad!

M-Cat said...

Perfect, perfect list!

Yesterday, my bestie and I went to the temple and a worker there just approached me out of the blue and asked if she could hug me.

As she embraced me tight, she kissed my cheek and not a word was said, but she loved me. How much a hug can do for someone.....

M-Cat said...

Perfect, perfect list!

Yesterday, my bestie and I went to the temple and a worker there just approached me out of the blue and asked if she could hug me.

As she embraced me tight, she kissed my cheek and not a word was said, but she loved me. How much a hug can do for someone.....

tammy said...

Great post. Such good advice. I know all of those things help to make me happy.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks for sharing these great ideas! Especially about work—it really is satisfying, isn't it?

Sue said...

Great counsel. I'm going to check the link out!


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